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  1. Sig 1. White 2. San Diego Chargers, San Diego Padres, LA Lakers, Anaheim Ducks, Ohio State 3. Chargers (Powder Blue), Padres (Navy Blue), Lakers (Purple), Ducks (Black), Ohio State (Red) 4. Center Thanks a lot.
  2. Iowa's football equipment truck. Picture taken in 2009. DSC01523 by ThePhilHay, on Flickr
  3. Would like to see the San Diego Padres.
  4. These are great! Could you do the current scarlet Ohio State basketball jersey and the current gray one? Thanks.
  5. He's from NY. Isn't it obvious, he's sponsored by World Bank. Moved to Baltimore when he was 8...
  6. Charger powder blues during the Lance Alworth era Bambi
  7. They are honoring the 1971-72 squad. I also noticed that they are using the current font. They need to look like this lakers71-72 by ThePhilHay, on Flickr
  8. Go Friars! I like these uniforms. I hope they eventually go back to the brown/yellow or brown/orange color scheme. 231256462 by ThePhilHay, on Flickr
  9. securedownload by padaftballa, on Flickr
  10. I was at the game last night when Ohio State debuted their gray Nike Hyper Elite uniforms. At first, I didn't really dig the white numbers but they actually grew on me. A blowout win against Iowa didn't hurt it either. I can't wait to see what the scarlet uni's against Illinois on Saturday. Go Bucks!