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  1. I would've preferred they used one of the legacy names like HottenTots or Huts, or maybe something more regionally-based instead of commercial. Naming it "Rex" is about like how the Packers were named. Clabber Girl is trying to get their Rex coffee out as a new nationally-distributed product, so it seems more like a marketing gimmick than a team name.
  2. "TERRE HAUTE ? For the first time since 1956, the crack of the wooden bat will be heard again in Terre Haute. Organized baseball will return to the Wabash Valley next summer as Terre Haute has been approved for a franchise in the collegiate baseball Prospect League starting in the 2010 season. The team will be named the Terre Haute Rex, part of a corporate partnership with Clabber Girl Corp. and its Rex Brand Coffee. Team colors are expected to be black (for the Rex brand) and blue (ISU?s team colors)." http://www.tribstar.com/local/local_story_344170548.html Press Release from the Prospect League: http://www.prospectleague.com/story5.pdf Personally, I think it's kinda goofy they're naming a team after Coffee, but it'll be interesting to see what they unveil for a logo in January.
  3. ucnu112

    Jersey Wallpaper

  4. it's the G hotkey or you can hold down on the gradient button to select alternate buttons.
  5. John Deere did something similar to that too. They went from a 'landing deer': to a jumping deer:
  6. I think this was one of the worst ones. University of Illinois vs. Wisconsin in 2004: FYI: The Wisconsin player is on the right.
  7. I've batted lefthanded my whole life. The bluetick's body should be twisted if he just swung, instead of his upperbody being straight. "They should have simply switched the hands and had the batters ready for the pitch rather than following through." That's what I've been saying all along.
  8. If they're in their follow-through, why aren't they facing towards the bats? After swinging, yes, the bat will be over your right shoulder. However, you will also be facing your right shoulder too because that's the side towards the field. edit: look at the horsefly. He's drawn lefthanded, with the hands correct, facing the correct direction. If he were to swing, he would be facing the bat.
  9. I like the Blueticks, but both it and the Foxhounds are holding the bat wrong. They're facing righthanded and holding it lefthanded.
  10. He needs more teeth, little ones. I think the 'baby tiger' part comes from the shortness of his snout. If his nose was a little longer, and possibly ... flatter? on the front, it would help a bunch.
  11. Maybe if the whole steerhead was on the leg, but I don't see just the one side of it working.
  12. Spitting? I think it's supposed to be the snake's tongue.
  13. Fix the images back in your concept thread and let us take a crack at it.