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  1. I do believe there's a way to improve the Flames' retro look with the inclusion of black trim, but I don't trust them to keep it limited to a tertiary color. There's already too many teams with the black helmet, red jersey, black pants look; the Flames don't need to be one.
  2. Nike should stop giving teams multiple new alts every year. Most of these Statement uniforms are dull as hell.
  3. This leaked on Uni-Watch in June. I think they're just going to let it rock with the swooshed-up Flex Base template for a year or two before Nike unveils their own spin on things. Remember that this deal was put together on relatively short notice after Under Armour backed out.
  4. I mean, this is the same league that has had Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Mother's Day, and Father's Day special event uniforms for the past few years (I might be forgetting one). If I had to speculate, I'd say New Era would be the outside force pushing for these things the most, as this year MLB pulled back from having Mother's and Father's Day jerseys but kept the special caps. What's most baffling about this promotion is that black-on-black and white-on-white New Era caps have been readily available for every team for over a decade.
  5. I saw someone suggest putting Carolina on there instead of Canes, and now I really wish that's what they actually went with.
  6. All NHL division champion banners should be consolidated into a single banner. I know the Capitals did that after people made jokes about all their "Southeast Division Champs" banners.
  7. That was one of the reasons given for why the Stars dropped gold in their rebrand. When their current silver gets distorted across applications, at least it's just different shades of gray. Flat gold can turn into beige or mustard, which can lead to some really ugly looking merch.
  8. I can't find a good picture of it, but the Ballpark in Arlington used to have flags for all 30 teams in standings order above the office building in center field, along with their meager collection of AL West champion flags. For the 2010 playoffs, they replaced all of them with Texas state flags, and it's remained that way ever since. I think they've won enough stuff over the past decade so that there's no longer enough space for every team, regardless.
  9. Why would the NFLPA care if the AAF shut down? That doesn't seem like that effective of a negotiating tactic. I'm weirdly optimistic about the XFL's chances of surviving multiple seasons, if only because Vince McMahon has money and is stubborn as hell.
  10. Dundon is going to make a decision on the league's future in the next few days. If they're depending on getting NFL roster players, this league is toast.
  11. I guess knowing that it has a name and potentially an incredibly stupid backstory elevates it above the other lame 90s logos I don't really think about, like the edgy NYR shield and that one Kings logo with the lion wearing sunglasses.
  12. The name "Blasty the Horse" makes me like that logo less. Sounds like a bad Sonic the Hedgehog character.
  13. The Falcons had division and conference championship banners at the Georgia Dome. I wonder if they're really gone or if they're just hanging in a weird place.
  14. If they can get gold jerseys that are actually sparkly gold and not a flat beige like the Edge era Penguins and the current Saints/49ers, more power to them.