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  1. The Sam Darnold graphic aired on Monday Night Football and then subsequently blew up on Twitter
  2. Let the team in Minnesota wear the North Stars colors for the weird fake throwback program. The Stars in all likelihood aren't going to wear a North Stars throwback in an actual game, and even if they did, most Dallas fans wouldn't care that much. This isn't a "rewriting of history" Cleveland situation.
  3. That's a teaser for their documentary on the 2020 bubble playoffs, so I would not look to that for clues. Using the current green is the right call, but I wonder if they'll use any gold.
  4. Yeah, obviously the circumstances that led to the tournament are horrible, and there are very good reasons why playing afternoon games on weekdays is a bad idea. There's no reason why you couldn't stagger start times every Saturday though, especially during the regular season where often they'll be 5-6 games all starting around 7et. Going into it, I just kind of assumed the league would screw it up and there'd be canceled games all over the place because it's the got dang NHL, so I was pleasantly surprised when it went off without a hitch. Having really low expectations is generally a good strategy for 2020.
  5. As somebody who is working from home and has a questionably legal way of watching the Canadian feed of NHL games without commercials, August was an amazing month for me. I'm sad that there's never going to be random 11am playoff hockey again. That Friday afternoon Game 7 vs Colorado will always have a special place in my heart (yes, I'm a Stars fan). I think I might be out on everything else. I use college football as background noise on Saturdays, but that's about it.
  6. As long as these are only worn for a few regular season games, a program like this is fine. I recognize that there's a slippery slope where someone ends up looking completely ridiculous in a Stanley Cup Final, but there hasn't been any indication of that so far
  7. There was a period when the Stars thought Strader might come back and they had a holding pattern broadcast team of Razor on play-by-play and noted shot-blocker Craig Ludwig on color, and that broadcast was actually terrible. Hiring an actual play-by-play guy was such a massive improvement that it almost didn't matter who it was. (the Texas Rangers and Mavs regional broadcasts being awful probably helps lower the standards too)
  8. The Frisco RoughRiders have my ideal Rangers color scheme. Brick red, slate blue, and cream.
  9. I think the current version of the Kachina jerseys is maybe the only example of the Adidas collars improving a design. I always thought the biggest weakness of the originals was how big and clunky the collars were. I hope that they make some tweaks to the design if they decide to pull the trigger on making the logo the primary. The big triangular yoke made the thing a little too busy, IMO.
  10. "Green city" at the end there is interesting
  11. That graphic really lays out how unnecessary all these alts are. You could very easily get every team down to 3 jerseys without losing anything of value.
  12. On the homes and roads, I like the red-white-blue trim but I don't understand adding the drop shadow to the numbers but not the scripts on the front. They're clearly unwilling to change the primary cap logo, so you might as well go all in on the drop shadow concept. I hate that they still can't decide if the primary home uniform should have blue or red caps. The new alternate caps are irredeemably awful. That script is also terrible, especially when compared to what came before.
  13. The thing about the Cowboys is that the vast majority of the merchandise they've sold for 20+ years is navy, so if they were ever to simplify the look, it would most likely involve bringing the white uniform in line with the navy one, instead of returning to a 70s inspired set with a royal blue and a silver blue. I think both their primary looks are largely fine in isolation, fwiw; the only thing I actively dislike about either is the silver green pants of the white set. I wish we could have this look instead of the lame modern equivalent, but we can't have nice things under the one helmet rule.
  14. I do believe there's a way to improve the Flames' retro look with the inclusion of black trim, but I don't trust them to keep it limited to a tertiary color. There's already too many teams with the black helmet, red jersey, black pants look; the Flames don't need to be one.
  15. Nike should stop giving teams multiple new alts every year. Most of these Statement uniforms are dull as hell.
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