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  1. I guess knowing that it has a name and potentially an incredibly stupid backstory elevates it above the other lame 90s logos I don't really think about, like the edgy NYR shield and that one Kings logo with the lion wearing sunglasses.
  2. The name "Blasty the Horse" makes me like that logo less. Sounds like a bad Sonic the Hedgehog character.
  3. The Falcons had division and conference championship banners at the Georgia Dome. I wonder if they're really gone or if they're just hanging in a weird place.
  4. If they can get gold jerseys that are actually sparkly gold and not a flat beige like the Edge era Penguins and the current Saints/49ers, more power to them.
  5. There isn't going to be expansion/relocation to any of these places without a new stadium in construction.
  6. If I remember correctly, all MLB merchandise money for every team is split equally unless it's sold by a team owned store within 50 miles of the ballpark.
  7. Honestly, the only thing I hate about that Rangers uniform are the sansabelt pants. The script is a little hokey, but they were a team playing in a glorified minor league stadium down the street from Six Flags, so I always felt like it fit. I always kinda dug the color balance of these. So many teams with black jerseys go all-black from head to toe, so I enjoyed the change up (black helmets would have made it better IMO)
  8. And that's the one that's already been on the ice with a different logo
  9. I think light blue, pink, and black could be a strong color scheme if used well. It's also hard for me not to believe that they're gonna wear black hats and jerseys for 80+ games, just like they always have since the twilight years of the original logo set.
  10. New Flames third. Wonder how long it's gonna the Adidas collars to go the way of the Nike NFL collars.
  11. The ads on the boards bother me more, to be honest. As long as it's not full minor league/Europe, it's pretty easy for me to tune out the ads on the ice. When the action gets moving quickly, the board ads become an incomprehensible, cluttered mess of letters and colors. I was watching Olympic highlights the other day, and it struck me how much cleaner the game looked with a single cohesive design on the boards. The absolute worst is the CGI ads superimposed on the glass behind the goal, though.
  12. I really don't give a ? if Pete Rose is in the Hall of Fame or not, and I don't think he really cares either. His "punishment" for gambling is that he can't work for a baseball team and he doesn't have a plaque with his name on it at a museum in upstate New York. It's not like he's in baseball jail or something. I just don't care that much about awards or Halls of Fame. The best players are still going to be the best players, regardless of if a group of writers vote for them or not.
  13. I think there's a difference between honoring the history of former teams and pretending to be those teams. I understand that the Browns and Hornets deals give a lot of people trepidation over stuff like that, but I have no problems with teams in these situations honoring past championships and alumni, and even adopting the names, colors, and logos of the former franchise (provided they're not currently in use by the original team). Hell, that's basically what the Mets did over 50 years ago.
  14. I'd rather see them go full Rockies with the original logo and the state flag colors. I really don't like how the new logo changes the silhouette of the mountain to a perfect triangle, and I remember the Reebok version of the alt looking really dull on TV. Hopefully the burgundy pops more on the new ones, at least.
  15. I didn't even think of the Hawks, and I live in Atlanta ?. I could see how their neon could be read as green, but I still think of them as a red and black team with neon accents. I think their color scheme resembles the current Calgary Flames in terms of execution more than the Wild or former Milwaukee Bucks.