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  1. I would say that there are too many lines in the gills/fins. lessening those lines will make the logo feel cleaner. also, fewer lines will look better on a jersey/ballcap etc. i'd also look at the shade of green/red that you're using. the updated logo feels a bit muddy to me, but that could be my monitor.
  2. Couple things for your concept...St. Louis would be to the west of Sauget, which might affect football games being held on the field. Football fields are supposed to face north/south so neither team has to play a whole quarter with the sun in their eyes (and why announcers always talk about running backs running north and south). also, would Missouri hold their championships there in Illinois, rather than in-state? also, what about lighting in teh corners of the playing surface on the open end? great detail, great work!
  3. I prefer the larger collar as well. The smaller collar, to me, indicates normalcy...the way a regular guy would dress. the larger collar feels more sinister and threatening. That being said...I'd prefer "B"...also, in a nit-picky sense, it looks like you've still got some dark gray lines floating around in the hair (around the ears) and in the face versus the had and collar.
  4. a couple of suggestions for the Chicago Bears one...change out the Fridge for Walter Payton (The Fridge was always held a fault a little bit for scoring a touchdown in the superbowl instead of Sweetness)... and a suggestion for the tag line: "Where I'm from, the Midway has Monsters..."
  5. mordred58

    C&C on this logo

    I think the black stroke around the white letters goes a long way. what about smoothing out the top edges of the cactus? I think saguaros are smoother...also, since it is such a large part of the logo, I'd add some small needles or something to help break up that space a little bit....and...just throwing this out there...what about putting a cowboy hat or sombrero on the cactus? i'm thinking of something your "mascot" could wear directly from the logo...
  6. I know you've got the star to the left to represent West Melbourne, but that makes the interior of the shield look a little unbalanced to me...could you move the drip from the bottom of the shield to the right side (underneath the "C") to balance the inside? and the rounded letters look better to me as well...
  7. mordred58

    C&C on this logo

    what're you expecting your color palette to be? you may want to leave some room for white in there (for your away uniform, etc).
  8. I thought I'd try a concept series based on minor league hockey teams in one city. I decided to take the idea of "what if the team never folded" and designed logos and uniforms from there. I decided to start with Toledo, Ohio since I have a lot of connections to the city. The first team I chose was the Toledo Buckeyes. They only existed for one year, but I thought it would be interesting to try designing a logo and uni in the state of Ohio for a team named the Buckeyes, and not use Scarlet and Gray - figuring that Ohio State would issue a cease and desist on anybody using the color scheme and nickname. the research that i did showed that their colors were green and red (looked like they were sponsored by Buckeye Beer), so i started there with my color palette. I tried going with Green and silver (darn close to gray, I know), Let me know your thoughts... Primary Logo Secondary Logo . Home Away Alternate