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  1. As much as I would actually love to see Tom Brady win a 5th ring (even as a Bears fan I still appreciate greatness) I can't imagine what the heck a fifth trophy would look like on a ring. They might be the first team to have championship brass knuckles...Dear Lord those are ginormous!!!
  2. Man, that green and black combo does look pretty fantastic! It would instantly look unique and recognizable. Nice job! Love the way the font is developing. I echo the comments about the bubbles; getting rid of them would probably be the best idea. Good Luck!
  3. It has that 'Oklahoma City Thunder Stock Logo Template' feel to it. Buh.
  4. ...and a piss test, but what's the fun in that???
  5. Just wondering...why in the world would you need to put "Cleveland" and "Browns" simultaneously on a football jersey and pants for one of the most easily recognizable professional football teams around?
  6. I actually really like the stripes against the shoulder/chest...more than I originally thought I would...but the "Browns" down the pants kills it for me. Totally unnecessary.
  7. Nice, but it'd work better if you did the rows by jersey rather than pants. How's this? What I imagine most die hard Browns fans will say: "F$%# You Nike!"
  8. I still find it hard to believe that they wouldn't go with brown jerseys as primaries. As mentioned in previous comments, the stripes on the shoulders might look better on a game jersey with the tight cut, but it still looks really awkward and forced to me. There is nothing natural about it. Oh well, I said similar things about the Seahawks jerseys when they first cane out and I've grown to appreciate their design. Maybe the same will happen with these at some point in time.
  9. I just can't for the life of me believe that they would NOT have a brown jersey; I just can't. I could excuse them for implementing a bunch of unnecessary piping, or sleeve/shoulder design elements, or whatever....but the biggest travesty would be to eliminate the brown jersey as the primary.
  10. Why? It's so super. You know...groovy. It's far-out, man. just saw this and I read it in Jon Gruden's voicejust saw this and I read it as Frank Caliendo's impression of Jon Gruden's voice
  11. We've already noted this is an unofficial graphic. That's Conrad's first attempt at rendering the logo. See page 21 of this thread. While I am not a big fan of this new logo (if it is indeed the new logo) I actually really like how the middle horns curve to form what looks like the beginning of a basketball; that's pretty cool. The rest is subpar for me, especially the 'M' in the neck part that feels ultra forced.
  12. To be totally honest, if they are anything like the Ducks I'd be more than happy with it. The Ducks have actually figured it out in my opinion. I honestly feel that they have been extremely successful with most, if not all of their most recent uniform and helmet designs in the past couple of years. I hated the monstrosities of years past, but absolutely love what they've done as of late....its just too bad that they have such a negative reputation that seems to negate their most recent uniform successes.
  13. Calling the MLS brand of soccer "Premier" would be like McDonald's calling their burgers "Gourmet" Its not only laughable, but insluting to great soccer leagues across the globe.
  14. Ahahahaha! thats hilarious! In all seriousness, I have to admit that I can't help but feel that some people sound like complete old farts with some of their commentary and hatred for this set. I've seen uniforms that are 1000 times worse than these, and they never got this type of hate. They are not that bad...they may not be THAT good either, but I can live with them and I actually like them. I'm just surprised at how strongly people are reacting towards a uniform set that really isn't that innovative and different from many other rather normal and tame more modern uniforms (outside of the ultra stylzed numbers). You would think that their previous set was an untouchable masterpiece or something. I honestly found them to be a boring, dark, complete muddy mess...but thats just me. Its still funny to read the comments though, I was laughing out loud at this entire page.
  15. Of course...because I would see Navy Blue and Neon Green EVERYWHERE in Seattle if I visited that city This is a perfect example of regional sports stereotypes rearing its ugly head again...Its like EVERY team from Oklahoma or Texas MUST be named after some midwest cowboy themed nickname, every team from Florida MUST be clad in bright colors like teal or orange, and every team from the Northwest MUST be the Sounders or the Waves or anything ocean specific with blue and green in their color scheme. Can't we break free of this stuff already? At some point in time someone has to stand up and say: "Hey, Can't we be the Seattle Lions or the Oklahoma Gladiators or whatever?". I just think its starting to get redundant and lazy.
  16. Yeah, that great unique new pants stripe that nobody else in the league has ever come close to using, at least not in a long time anyway... Well, except for the Jaguars, who introduced them LAST YEAR. God man, the more I see these the more I absolutely despise them. They look like absolute clowns. I HATE THIS STUPID TEAM. You've ruined my fanhood, Tampa! I still think Tampa's new unis are great and work very well. I suspect that many people are simply reacting to the unique and somewhat odd looking number font. Had they opted for more "regular looking" numbers I don't think the backlash would be that strong. Its not like we haven't seen shoulder yolks before, and its not like the pant stripe is really that drastic of a design element either. I am pretty confident that we've seen much worse and to be honest I bet most people are pretty immune to that type of stripe anyways. Outside of the number reflecting material and the actual shape of the them, I fail to see how this uniform is really that cutting edge and different from the norm. I also don't think this uniform gets enough credit to be honest; they could have used black unnecessarily all over the uniform and made it a complete mess, and yet they didn't. They stuck to the team's unique and instantly recognizable color set and actually (at least to me) brightened up what was kind of getting to be a muddy mess over the years. Just look at the juxtaposition against the Jaguars' look and you will see just how bad THAT look is and how all over the place it comes across; none of it makes sense to me and I just can't see it lasting that long. Again, I fully realize that I'm part of the minority here, but I still conclude that the Bucs have a look that works and has legs. I think it will still look good years from now.
  17. Just to give you another point of reference- Two things - Old-school Falcons in red in the background, and HOW EFFING BEAUTIFUL ARE THOSE ORANGE PANTS!?!? and those white facemasks... trolololololol Gray facemask is the way to go with the Browns. No questions asked. Let's get ready to rumble... I love the grey facemasks for the Browns and I loathe the orange pants. *heel turn* I not only love the orange pants AND the grey facemask, but I also think they MUST include the classic stripes somewhere on the sleeves similar to what the Bears did. *eye gouge*
  18. I like how they actually showed the details in how they put it down versus just an over the top view. That was awesome. Thank you
  19. If they have a purple jersey, it means that the people running the team have decided that using the old Hornets identity is the most efficient way to extract money from the fans, but they don't actually like said identity. That would definitely seem to be a very plausible scenario, but can they really be that naive to the fact that teal is the essence of the Charlotte Hornets identity and therefore a conduit for new jersey and merch sales???!!! I mean c'mon, it seems so obvious...am I missing something???
  20. Is it me, or would it just seem way too obvious to NOT wear teal jerseys? If they do indeed end up wearing purple (like it has been rumored) instead of teal it would just scream "We are back with the SAME old name and the SAME old colors, but we paid these design guys WAY too much money to completely recycle an old look...so we went with purple instead!" Just go teal and be done with it. What would they be trying to prove by going purple??? It's just plain dumb. Weren't they the poster child for the color TEAL back in the late 80's, early 90's? Why deviate away from that??? SMH
  21. They are BRANDING the Super Bowl. What can be more corporate than that? You can't have a real brand that changes its logo every year. Before this, (from a brand/logo standpoint) the Super Bowl was a year-to-year event. Super Bowl XXXI was its own event, Super Bowl XXXII was its own event, etc. Each representing 1 season, 1 city. With the consistant logo they are branding this as an annual event that is connected to each Super Bowl every year. this is THE SUPER BOWL. Not the 2003 Super Bowl, 2004 Super Bowl etc. This is THE SUPER BOWL. I know we love new and interesting logos and were always excited to see what the new logo would look like every year, but from a marketing/branding standpoint it really doesnt make sense to change a logo every year. You do realize that on a website dedicated to sports logos, that pretty much no one is going to agree with this line of reasoning..... But at some point even the most staunch critics of the new style of SB logo need to stop bitching and take it for what it is. I'm all for colorful open dialogue and constructive criticism, but we are way past that point and starting to border on moaning, whining, and incessant bitching. It's here and it ain't going away anytime soon...so come to peace with it. It's getting kind of old to read the same predictable and tired comments year after year. Its not that bad.
  22. Maybe I'm totally wrong, but aren't ALL colors that are able to be replicated in various media (mediums?) designated by an official Pantone color name/number? If so, then what is the argument then? The color is what it is, why are we arguing about the NAME of it? Who cares if it is 'yellow' or 'gold' if there is an official Pantone associated with it? Maybe I just don't get the basis of the argument going on here, but it would seem to me to be quite easy to differentiate one color from another using the Pantone system, wouldn't it???
  23. you literally removed just four white lines. Four completely unnecessary lines... ...and an equally unnecessary black outline. I would love it if they ever decided to go back to something more simple like this logo. Well done
  24. The ATL Falcons: winning over fans based on their uniforms whether it be the Dirty Bird era or the 2003 redesign (c.f. my original post). This makes me wonder whether there are any other teams in this thread that have won different people over for different eras of their uniforms. I absolutely love this uniform! My favorite one in the Falcons history! Mine as well, as long as the roads have the red numbers and socks. Those were absolute classics and just plain beautiful! though you can also argue that they helped to usher in the BFBS revolution in the 90's; kind of not a good thing when you think about it.