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  1. WOW, I'm so sorry I didn't realize it would come out to that much! You're awesome thanks so much!
  2. Can I please get one for the -Yankees WS championships and other AL pennants -Celtics NBA championships and other Eastern Conference championships -Bruins Stanley Cups, PoW Trophies and Presidents' Trophies -Patriots Lombardi Trophies and Lamar Hunt Trophies -UConn men's and women's basketball national championships (if you have a way to distinguish the two, otherwise just a trophy for either team and two of the same thing for 04/14), and the football bowl wins, men's soccer championships and field hockey championships (if that's possible, I didn't see field hockey on the front page) -NE Revs sole USOC -And if you have AHL Hartford Wolfpack's sole Calder Cup and sole Kilpatrick Trophy Thank you, and if that's too much please let me know and I'll pare it down!
  3. YES! This is what I came in here to post! My reasoning is that some say that it was designed to look like an Estonian landscape in the winter: snow on the bottom, treeline in the middle, sky on top.
  4. Ok, so I WASN'T the only who thought...... infamous internet things when seeing the new update
  5. Oh man, these new courts are great! I think my favorite one of these new 10 is Sacramento. I LOVE how the stain on the main part of the court flows with the eliminator circles.
  6. Back in this thread for the first time in a while, COMPLETELY caught up, and I have to say the update to the Firebirds might have vaulted it into my top 3. It's damn near perfection! Also I absolutely love that you kept the parquet flooring for the Beacons since it's at the TD Garden. The one I'm looking forward to the most is still (of course) Hartford!
  7. I'd honestly be interested in that too, but the unfortunate thing is I don't think it would work just based on the fact that it didn't start that way, and people would probably be like "oh, all of a sudden we might not be in the league? Screw that." That and I'm pretty sure there's not a big enough base on our level 2.
  8. ....36 teams with expansion in PUERTO RICO and MONTREAL? Are you high?
  9. So, this isn't 2014 but still relevant given its recent nature and isn't worthy of a new thread.... when NYCFC and OCSC join the MLS, are Sporting and Houston just going to go RIGHT back to the West? Otherwise we'd be at an imbalance of 12-9
  10. I just read through this whole thread in the past couple of days and I love EVERY single concept you've brought out, and I agree wholeheartedly with the comments that say that just you churning them out and taking the feedback has made a CRAZY difference from page one to now. Will be following this VERY closely! One LITTLE TINY thing I want to point out however. It hasn't been mentioned in-thread for a while now but last you posted it, the Hartford team was going to be playing in Mohegan Sun Arena. MSA however is a good 45 minutes away from Hartford itself. I'd say make the location name simply Connecticut if you wanna keep it at MSA OR just move the team to the XL Center which is actually IN Hartford and would be able to host a team very well as well.
  11. Those Nets sleeved unis look a hell of a lot like the ref unis... tribute or not.
  12. I'm sort of new to this thing; I've always loved the designs of logos but just recently have I gotten into the history and terminology like this. So I was wondering what's the difference between a secondary logo and and alternate logo?
  13. Perhaps for financial reasons? To save money and not have to hire a graphic design outfit to create a completely new identity package for each Super Bowl? It has more to do with branding and league/team politics. Since the mid-90s - and even earlier - there has been a concerted effort made by the NFL to establish itself as a single company/body with 32 portions, not 32 individual teams that all happen to belong to the same league. Everything from nixing individual team contracts on jerseys, to NFL Equipment, to the new NFL logo, and now to the Superbowl logo, playoff logos, and trophies. Essentially, all these changes are small steps towards creating a uniform, homogenous identity package instead of a heterogeneous mix and match of various elements that tend to draw the focus away from the NFL and more to the individual team/organization/city. It's basically the football equivalent of the 17th Amendment. The NCAA has already done it with the March Madness courts. It's so obnoxious; you have to almost guess which venue it's at!
  14. New Orleans Jazz Now eat up No because the Utah Jazz are the same team just relocated. Therefore the logos with the mountains (unfortunately including the hideous new one) count.