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  1. The bridge kinda looks like you're looking down a girl's shirt
  2. Depends how they sell it. Overridden. This. See Exhibit A: Montgomery Biscuits. Consistently one of the top selling MiLB brands across the country.
  3. This thing is hideous. Looks to be a lot of backlash among alumni, students:
  4. Yes thats correct the players want a fitted cap not a flex fit Good riddance to the ugly overpiped 3930's! Hopefully the teams get creative with the new BP 5950's like they did with the old ones. This.
  5. Wear your hat. Outside, inside, in a mall, at a ball, in the park, when it rains, when it's sunny, in your bed, on your head. That's how you break it in. Enough with this nonsense, just wear it!
  6. I'm surprised more people don't like this. They should have just modernized the old logo or just left it alone. At least they didn't hire the Arby's "Good Mood Food" guy
  7. "Whoops, we forgot to put ECHL in there." "Oh that's ok, I'll just stick it right over here."
  8. At Riverwalk Stadium (home of the Montgomery Biscuits) you can get an order of biscuits and gravy or strawberry shortcake biscuits.
  9. How about a Winter Classic at the Trop?
  10. Pics or it didn't happen. so then it didnt happen? (i dont see why it seems impossible to you) It happened....
  11. Found this Steve Young jersey today for $3.99 Atlanta Braves tie I bought a few months back: Too much swag (I did not buy this):
  12. The real question is what is more obnoxious: the scoreboard or Chris Berman's tie?
  13. The Jets primary "circle" still looks like crap even when it's put on a crappy jersey.