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  1. It looks like you merely gave it the Hurricanes Makeover, merely adding minimal piping while keeping the basis of the jersey the same (Obviously I'm talking about the pre-EDGE jerseys). It looks solid, but I wouldn't call it an upgrade
  2. Thanks a bunch guys, I should've figured the answer would've been "just draw more" haha If anyone wants to, feel free to contribute
  3. Hey all, rare poster, long time lurker here, I've spent more hours on these boards than I can even begin to count, and I've enjoyed every minutes of seeing peoples concepts and takes on identities. However, I'm at that point where I'm beginning to become less and less thrilled by onlooking and desperately want to be getting in on the action as well. Logo design and sports fashion has always been a huge passion of mine, but I was always presented with a problem whenever I wanted to pursue it any further, I have absolutely no drawing/photoshop skills and have literally no idea as to how to construct a logo. So since this board seems to love constructive criticism, I was hoping you guys might have a few tips or hints to help get aspiring artists like myself the boost they need. Who knows, maybe we can get this thread stickied to promote even more "under-privileged" artists to contribute to this great community Thanks in advance!
  4. New Orleans: Armada, Derricks, Oilers New York: Emporers, Monarchs Detroit: Iron Horses, Devils Tennessee: Swingers, Rebels St. Louis: Archers, Aeros, Rivermen Minnesota: Lakers, Kodiaks, Wolverines Milwaukee: Stags, Harts
  5. I swear, if I ever inherit a sports team, I'm finding your ass and employing you to design a logo. This and the NHL series have featured some of the most amazing artwork I've ever seen
  6. Quick question I'm trying to download a font from 1001 free fonts or anywhere really. I click download, unzip the file, and then what? I don't have anything else available and Photoshop doesn't show the new font either. HELP PLEASE
  7. I think you mean the Los Angeles Turduken of Pasadena and Sometimes Anaheim
  8. Michigan needs a yellow alt. Also I don't believe that the new Washington State set or Nothern Illinois has a monochrome or alt.
  9. I'm not digging the crosshairs, but the missles with the KC is very nice.
  10. Hey the Kings aren't using them. I like them, I think that the sideways mask would look better in this set though.
  11. I realize that no one will agree with mine, but here goes TOP FIVE WORST 5. New Orleans/Baton Rouge/San Antonio Saints- I like the logo, something about the golden helmet I don't like. 4. Washington Redskins- Use the burgundy! The white jersey is distgusting but the burgundy is one of the best ever! Screw tradition! 3. Green Bay Packers- Again these are all about tradition but the green on yellow does not work on a NFL like that. Really need a new name with a new logo, badly. 2. Dallas Cowboys- The 20 different shades of gray are only cool on the drawing board. 1. Cleveland Browns- Tradition!?!?! I don't care about tradition, get an identidy, get a logo on your helemet and don't have your primary logo be your helmet. The orange and brown has to go, for a look on brown jerseys, take a page out of Wyoming U's jerseys, or just scrape the name all together. TOP FIVE BEST 5. Buffalo Bills- Now probably all of you think that I am crazy now, but I really like the 2 or 3 shades of blue. If you haven't been able to tell by now I liek the newer jerseys and monochrome is the way of the future! 4. Seattle Seahawks- I love the almost metallic blue monochrome and the blue with white pants. I'm not a fan of the away jerseys, but all the home combos are great. Also someone posted earlier about the hope of a lime green jersey, I'd be the first to buy it. 3. Oakland Raiders- Silver and black! All about tradition, but these actually look nice. 2. Cincinatti Bengals- I don't see why people give the new ones such a hard time? For your team to be named the Bengals, you almost have to have stripes because any other logo on the helmet would look silly, same with Eagles and Rams. 1. Atlanta Falcons- I loved the old look, it was amazing, but depending on what jerseys the Falcons of new wear, they are the best in the NFL. The Red with white pants in mediocre, but the red with black and the black with black is top notch, plus the logo rocks, the only bad thing about the previous ones.
  12. It depends on what color the helemt is, if it is black it would look amazing, any other color would reduce it greatly.
  13. The black and white sets are very nice, I really like the golden stripes down the side. As for the gold alternate, the mountains on the jerseys look out of place, like they don't belong, A little tweaking to the gold one like eliminating the mountains or adding something the other two don't have would make it look very nice.