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  1. The sharp pieces are not really meant to be icicles, they're motion lines. The puck is at the front of the avalanche flowing down the A, and those little blue/white shards are motion lines showing that the puck is really bookin' and the snow is essentially attached to it. I agree. I never thought of that area as more than a puck screaming down a mountain, riding an avalanche.
  2. So let me get this straight. McCall can criticize my post but if I return the favor, I'm a jerk? Like I said, I should have read all the posts and I apolgize for my mistake. Granted, I should have done my due diligence and finished the thread and I haven't denied that. At the same time McCall posted a reply with two spelling errors. Just because I point this out, I am not a jerk, but one who can proofread my own posts before disrespecting the members of this forum with poor posting practices. Once again, I'm sorry. Back on topic!!!
  3. Dude, seriously, it's right next to the 'A' button. How hard is it to push it once? I know it's been addressed, but here goes. That pic has been posted numerous times with him, probably so in this very thread. Plus, he has since turned off the caps lock (though he now only uses lower case, but it's a start.) Check before resplying to an old post with a smartalic response, please. Sorry. I was reading through the posts and there didn't seem to be any end in sight. Once I saw that he turned off the CAPSLOCK, it was too late. I apologize. I thought I should wait, but just couldn't. Also, its reply, not resply. And smart aleck, not smartalic.
  4. Dude, seriously, it's right next to the 'A' button. How hard is it to push it once? I know it's been addressed, but here goes.
  5. Here you go. Go to my controls, then on the left side of the page you will see "edit signature", click on that. From there, you want to click on the button that has the little picture on it (below the fonts drop down menu). When the script window pops up you will want to paste the "direct link" (see below). You can center it by clicking on the button on the far right in the second row (below and to the right of the spell check button). Just make sure you save it after you edit everything on this sight. http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo198/s...key9/Avsman.png - this is what you want to paste in the pop-up window copy/paste with the address above. If that doesn't work, open the link in a new window and copy the address from the address bar. Sweet. Thanks a lot. I thought you might have a hard time finding the RC Lens logo. You rule. Where are you finding your logos from, by the way?
  6. Since you're still doing these, could I please get? Cincinnati Bengals Colorado Avalanche Cincinnati Reds Ohio State Buckeyes Dayton Flyers Miami Heat Virginia Tech Hokies RC Lens Also, once you post them, how does one go about placing it into their signature? Thanks for what you're doing.
  7. cardinals sideline painted Also the picture of the whole field shows that the Steelers sideline has been painted also. On a side note, Scraw, I love your sig photo. Just sayin.
  8. We, we, we. When did this guy suit up for the Giants? I used to say we, but I grew up and realized that I don't actually play for my favorite team.
  9. What in blue blazes am I supposed to be seeing? I see nothing. True. That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen. I could play that game too. Look at the puck, it's shaped like an "M". Since this was brought back up, does this help? Not in the least. I think it's a stretch to analyze that part of the logo anyway. I could go on about conspiracy theories involving the NHL, the Avs, and such, but I'm sure it was coincidental.
  10. What in blue blazes am I supposed to be seeing? I see nothing.
  11. I agree 100%. As for the 25 yard lines, still gotta be the helmets.
  12. I liked it when the team's helmets were on the 25 yard line along with the large SB logo at midfield.
  13. I'd be interested in running a Pick'em on Yahoo, if anyone is interested. I know someone did one last year, and I really had fun with that. We had something like 50-60 people in the "group" on Yahoo. I can have one up and running very shortly if people are interested...
  14. HA!!! Not at first, but now I do. Too funny....
  15. I get that, but this was crazy yellow, not dirty like you're suggesting. It must have been the TV in hindsight. That was way weird....