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  1. The interior looks just seems so retro to me! Idk if that's what you were going for, but it works soooooooooo well
  2. Looks like the Partiots logo's head, IMO
  3. Any chance for a Gold Minnesota w/ #20? Thanks!!
  4. New unifors next year. I think all the new changes will be in place by the time the stadium opens
  5. That's what I was thinking. People who don't notice the little things about logos won't care, but I, with little doubt, say that most of the people on these threads aren't regular people looking at logos. We disect them.
  6. I love it, too. They found a way to update it, yet keep it classic like it has been for over half a century
  7. Today, via Facebook, the Minnesota Vikings released their new logo. Differences: Horn shape now matches the one on the helmet Shorter braid Bolder face lines Brighter yellow
  8. I got slaughtered by Ohio.
  9. steff002

    Minnesota Wild

    I realize it's not your fault, but the "Minnesota" script is so loved up here, in Minny. We love it like we love the North Stars logo. In my mind, scrapping that logo would be a waste of a work of art. Just a little North Star State input. Other than that, it's nice, and simple.
  10. Can anyone shed specific light on the Minnesota Vikings?
  11. For the Wild: you had me until you decided to scrap the "Minnesota" script. It's a work of art. It shouldnt be left out
  12. No reason NFL would scrap Roman Numerals.