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  1. Really, I think there's only one decent name of the finalists with that being the NightHawks. A new high school that was built fifteen years ago here in Normal was originally supposed to be called the NightHawks but some people thought that it might be inappropriate that a school have the same name as a gang, so they changed the name to (the most original mascot in the book) the Wildcats. CornBelters is evidently named after the local energy company, Corn Belt Energy and a local high school athletic conference of the same name. I wouldn't mind the name Nuts without the "z" but I just can't stand it when teams try to be hip by putting a "z" at the end of the word. But I do understand how they might want to avoid starting any controversy with the Modesto Nuts. I guess I'll have to vote for Coal Bears, even though I think that the team is just baiting Stephen Colbert into talking about them. Doesn't Stephen usually start the process by telling his viewers to vote to name something after him instead of viewers naming something after him with hopes of him noticing and mentioning it on the show? Either way, at least it should get his attention. It's not like Coal Bears is that outrageous, you would just expect the name to come from somewhere a little farther south in Illinois than Bloomington-Normal.
  2. What's up with the NFL Shop selling generic black and white Cardinals jerseys with the Super Bowl logo on them? I was looking to see if the NFL Shop website had any Kurt Warner replica jerseys with the Super Bowl logo on them, and while they do offer some less popular players' jerseys in the actual style of the Cards' uniforms, the jerseys available for Warner and Fitzgerald are generic looking black and white jerseys with the bare bones look of the Cardinals' actual jerseys. Did the NFL somehow run out of normal Warner and Fitzgerald jerseys and is instead substituting some quickly designed practice jerseys that look very little like the actual jerseys the Cardinals will take the field with in Tampa and are yet still charging $85 for them? Am I wrong to think the NFL's gonna try to rip people off again with these "limited-edition" Super Bowl jerseys or am I not giving the NFL enough credit for capitalizing on people's stupidity when they buy these bootlegs? Link (jerseys of interest are the three at the top of the page): http://www.nflshop.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=2237478 By the way, the NFL Shop does not have any Steelers jerseys that resemble these.
  3. This is slightly off topic but I've noticed that MLB is selling the Brewers-Phillies dueling hats with the ball-in-glove logo on them instead of the modern logo like the rest of the hats. They probably just wanted to have the logo match the royal blue hat but it seems odd for a team to use a throwback logo for postseason gear. http://shop.mlb.com/product/index.jsp?prod...amp;cp=.3333024
  4. It's also the same as an old Cubs hat. And you'll notice the Chicago Bears use it too. It's called the Wishbone C The Arizona Cardinals used it way back in time when they were in Chicago as well. And it all stems back to the University of Chicago where the wishbone C originates and is still in use today. The Cardinals took their name from the fact that the team's original owner bought the University's old faded maroon uniforms and called them cardinal red rather than maroon. He eventually took the Maroons' C logo as well and the rest is history.
  5. What I meant was that some think that he's starting to take managing in the minors lightly now that he's been absent from the team for most of the past two weeks. He was originally only supposed to miss two games while attending All-Star festivities in New York and going to the annual tee ball game at the White House. But since then he has missed several more games, while attending a function in Chicago and his plans to go to the induction ceremonies in Cooperstown this weekend. I wasn't saying he's responsible for the incident, just that it isn't exactly necessary for him to be gone for so long and to have his bench coach handle all this at the same time as he's trying to be taken seriously as a manager.
  6. This wasn't exactly the way I wanted to see the local team get on Sportscenter. I wonder who Ryne Sandberg is going to have to answer to now that all his trips to the All-Star Game, the White House, and Cooperstown have resulted in his interim manager getting ejected along with half his team just in time for their matchup at Wrigley on Tuesday that will probably have half their starters out on suspensions.
  7. I was actually fortunate enough to be on a tour of Wrigley yesterday as they were holding the press conference! When I saw some guys in suits carrying Blackhawks jerseys and NHL bags through a side door outside Wrigley, I thought they might just possibly be having a league meeting on the event in one of the offices in the stadium, but it turned out that our tour ended up witnessing all of the league's and Blackhawks' executives along with Mayor Daley sitting behind the Cubs' third base dugout with a stage set up on top of it. I took plenty of snapshots of the mock rink and the dugouts with tarps that had the Winter Classic logo on them. The centerfield bleachers had a tarp of the Classic logo while the left and rightfield bleachers had the Red Wings and Blackhawks crests on them. While our tour group was going up the grandstand to the press box, I caught a glimpse of Gary Bettman. When we emerged from the press box we found Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Tony Esposito and all the current Hawks on the field below us. Our tour ended having to settle on seeing the visitors' dugout and clubhouse and not the Cubs' due to the press conference occupying the home dugout. I went figuring the biggest kick of the day would be sitting in a dugout at Wrigley Field but it turns out it was actually getting to see how short Gary Bettman is in person (shorter than you think) and seeing all those Hawks legends in person, at Wrigley Field. Overall it's a day I will never forget. I also might post some pics if I find any that aren't too similar to the ones now on Getty Images. (But from 10:00 yesterday morning until 11, I was one of the only people in the world who knew what the view would be like to watch a hockey game from every vantage point at Wrigley Field.)
  8. I can't believe I saw this thread. I know this guy! I go to the same high school as he graduated from and hang out with some friends of his family. I didn't know this made headlines outside the local area here or in Boston.
  9. The Indians should have gone with their alternate I/feather logo instead of the awkward looking Chief Wahoo.
  10. That typewriter sound you heard in the first two innings was coming from an actual vintage typewriter that the Cubs' must have had for decades and they broke it back out again for taking game notes for today's game. When they showed the camera shot of the press box you could see the note-taker typing. They even had the original Cubs' note-taker who used to work the same typewriter decades ago as a guest in the booth. If anybody watched the pregame show, you could have seen Len and Bob in their 1948 attire complete with wool vests and fedoras. Of course they both took them off after the first inning due to it being in the nineties today. Overall this was a fun game to watch and not even for the action going on on the field.
  11. Why are the Cup Champions hats made my New Era while almost all other official NHL merchandise is made by Reebok? At least New Era won't recycle old NFL designs like Rbk.
  12. Wasn't it last year when the Royals played the Rangers with both sides wearing their royal blue alts? What happened to the policy then?
  13. Some upsets in this contest have not been because the general public prefers Logo A over Logo B, it's that the clubs that have pulled upsets won due to mass voting by their hometown fans. For instance, last week I received an email from the Peoria Chiefs Marketing Director asking all Chiefs fans to vote the team's logo to a win over the Isotopes' logo. Chances are, the Isotopes probably would have won the poll if it was conducted without anyone who might be biased towards Peoria or Albuquerque. Teams who had superior logos that were upset could have won if it wasn't for that their opponent had mass emailed everyone to vote for them no matter if they liked the logo or not.
  14. I hate these new numbers. MLS just single-handedly ruined every kit in the league. As if the Fire didn't look bad enough with "Best Buy" written across the front of the jersey.
  15. Thought I'd bump this for ROCHitman. I was surprised this thread was a few pages back in the forum.