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  1. Me thinks that Rugby Canada changed kit suppliers because Macron offered more money than Canterbury. Doesn't bug me, as long as the kit is of good quality. As for the design aspect, Red & white is a hard combo to mess up, but if there were to be a Can- Am jersey made and black introduced to the home kit, that would be very nice.
  2. Just to follow up on kiwi_canadian's post..... Canada Home
  3. All Blacks Shirt for the World Cup
  4. Hate to say "I told ya so", but..... I would have thought the same thing if our roles were reversed. As for the Maori designs incorporated into the logo designs like this.... It's psychological warfare that will also turn a profit for Nike. It worked for France four years ago.
  5. Fair Enough. In fact, if I'm wrong and the Alternative isn't black, I'll buy you a coke
  6. True. In fact I think England's kit should always be a White Shirt & Shorts with Navy Socks. However, the color for the Alternative kit will be black, not navy blue, not Purple. Black!!! Which doesn't make sense to me.
  7. Black. They might try to pass it off as a dark shade of navy, but it's black pure and simple.
  8. England The Alternative is BFBS.