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  2. I the pinstripes serve two purposes on the Padres road unis. First, continuity and second, maybe they did hear the complaints about the "urine" colored road uniforms and the pinstripes deviate from that look. Although it is a better "tan" than the 2004 unis.
  3. Exactly what I thought. The "Rangers" should be the darker blue.
  4. Simply beautiful!!!
  5. Who knew a single letter could look so beautiful.
  6. Well, by seasons end, it will probably be red,blue, white, black,turquoise,green, robins egg blue and PEACH.
  7. Padres in brown and yellow(no surprise)look spectacular and surprisingly, the Brewers look great.
  8. Oh my god, I remember that video "Lightning Strikes" back in the 80s. It was a pretty good tune. Aaaaaaah 80's MTV how I miss thee.
  9. The moderators have done a great job in cutting these threads off when possible. I come here for enjoyment. So thank you Moderators!!!!
  10. > Yellow numbers waaaaay better!!
  11. The font isn't bad it just shouldn't go on a Steelers jersey. Save it for the Cardinals,Bengals, Jaguars next redo.
  12. The Rams uniforms actually look like they just came out of the washer and the detergent was not put in.
  13. Uniforms more than ever ARE a teams identity. Changing every 5 years or having 90 different uniforms(looking at you NBA) is just a jab at the fans but most of all, a money grab. With free agency, players shouldn't be able to have a say in the uniform design. Some teams haven't changed their uniforms much in all of their history, but some teams just seem to do it just to do it. All team ownership has to do is look in the crowd at their home games and see what jerseys are worn most. Since we are in the football thread, I'll blame the 1997 Broncos for screwing everything up.
  14. Got that right Bluefalcon but what really impresses me is that these people actually showed their faces to the public.