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  1. 1. VIKINGS A 2. BROWNS F 3. TITANS F 4. LIONS B- 5. DOLPHINS 1.0 B- 6. DOLPHINS 2.0 B+ 7. SEAHAWKS B 8. JAGUARS 1.0 D 9. JAGUARS 2.0 D+ 10. JETS B- 11. BUCCANEERS F------------------------------------------------
  2. The NBA uniform program captured by a Pelicans fan. Not sure this has come across my mind during the day of a game about what my team might wear but M'kay. The Celtics had "boring" green and white and were fine for years.So too have the Spurs with silver and black. Losing the identity comment, really , the Pistons are wearing black and gray, Utah was one but you caught that one so nice job there.The Kings are a mess, OKC nope(nice whatever you call them jerseys but they won't be wearing them next year). Teams should just have a home and away and the NBA has done a cash grab.Do you also like the company logos on the uniforms also?. BTW, the Pelicans have no identity at all. If “I wonder what jerseys my team will wear today? I hope they wear the _____ jerseys” get you through the day, then God bless you.
  3. This is why I hated the NBA money grab. It feels like some teams don't have an identity. Now , with free agency, we really do root for the laundry. Gonna need a lot of quarters if you're an BA fan. When the Lakers played the Celtics in Boston and were wearing their yellow uniforms and the Celtics were in green, I knew we doomed. I feel bad for some teams that may not have established an identity over the tears ala the Thunder(most seem to like their alternates) but they could be gone at any time. The names for the jerseys are just plain STUPID Association,Icon,City,Throwback(got me there), Earned, Monday,Tuesday if it's under 70 degrees out,December(every teams has green and red uniforms. What a joke. Feel bad for ya OKC, could've had some nice HOME and ROADS.
  4. Kelly green and silver(ala the Raiders) for the Jets. Pure and simple. I think the reference to thinking it might a reminder of the Eagles has long since past. The Eagles are hunter green, blaclk and a touch of gray. Not that I like it but those unis will always be referenced because they won the Super Bowl in it.
  5. Really? Because when I Google " Adidas basketball jersey ripping pics" every search points you to a "Nike jersey ripping" link(which is really strange that a search would totally bring up another competing company in the links). Oh, but there is one that did have an Adidas jersey actually rip and that's when Lebron ripped off the sleeves. You're right on the Zion thing and it being a big deal because he will go No. 1 but you can also search NBA ripped or blown out sneakers pics(no brand put in) and NIKE seems to show up on many other "regular players". Just sayin, I would not jump with a Nike bungee cord.
  6. Yeah, you're right about all those coaches you mentioned being great coaches and the fact that stupid Mike Milbury couldn't get along with Laviolette still pisses me off. That's a lot of great coaches to choose from this generation. Jeez, you really can't go wrong with any of them.
  7. Crabcake47, as an Islander fan, I can truly say the guy is a great coach. He's taken a team that lost it's best player and changed the locker room and I haven't seen them play this consistently in years. The Islanders have had some loafers there for a few years who are playing at a higher level than they ever played at. I know there's a long way to go this season but I'm sold. I'm glad you guys got the ring finally(Ovi especially), hopefully, Trotz will have another one soon. I follow the Caps a lot and he is definitely in the ring for one of the best coaches of this generation.
  8. Well, I heard that Nike is leaning towards changing uniforms every quarter of every game. Seriously, and I knew these post were going to start, the " oh I hope they're not getting rid of that uniform or I really liked that look, too bad it only stayed around a year or two". I miss the days of teams having identities and uniforms that were "tough".
  9. They kinda remind me of this:Not in a bad way either. That redish/orange is tough to make out. I forever love the 1993 sleeveless, but these last two are good fine to me.
  10. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay BROWN IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Amen. Bellaspurs, Mafiaman, and 63 Bulldogs63. Amen!
  12. I don't know everyone, I heard that ALL the teams are getting 82 jersey designs for each game.