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  1. This is the jersey that got away from me in 2009 (block letters were different). These are beautiful.
  2. = It's amazing how these so called graphic artists screw most uncomplicated logo up. They look like the Chargers more and more each day.
  3. Yup, reminds me of the Chargers and way to screw up a helmet that's been around since 1948. R.I.P.
  4. The Patriots looking they're best.
  5. The Ducks look freakin beautiful!
  6. Here we go on the train to NBASVILLE.
  7. I could see it now.... Intern walks into the design marketing team's office and says " They meant the Rams not the Chargers"
  8. Brewers really looked good today.
  9. While I totally agree that Ryan(when he heard a throwing play called in his helmet), should have tripped and fell on 2nd down, clock still running and in FG range and on third down just throw the out over Julio's head so high, kick the FG and probably win. Shanahan did call the play, and as we saw in the Bowl this year, he's still doesn't get it, BUT QUINN IS THE HEAD COACH and should have just taken over and used common sense there. I would have fired Quinn the next day. Obviously, as you pointed out, Shanahan does deserve blame here and now he comes off a NFC Championship game of running we haven't seen in god knows how long, and he blows it.
  10. Does this mean he's gonna have a 56 point lead in the Super Bowl and continuously throw the ball.
  11. Can't wait to see the uniforms on TV or in person. I'm so excited!
  12. Those were great jerseys and a great identity for the Knicks. It was their best look in my opinion. Don't worry though, after the league comes out with 1047 uniforms for each NBA team, I'm sure their will be one set that you like, I like and the many NBA fans all over the globe like. For what it's worth, I like the jerseys(and IDENTITY) you have chosen here, one set for 41 games at home and another set for 41 games away.
  13. I don't know about the Ravens but maybe they left the Bucs out because their uniforms and over sized helmet logo are so da&m terrible!
  14. Panthers got it right the first time.No need to change.