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  1. I had a feeling this s**t would happen!!! Hit the nail right on the head DietDrP.epper. This crap starting just as the league is probably looking the best it has been collectively in years.(Thanks you for the brown back Padres, Milwaukee looks great, Arizona...thank god you came to your senses and that leaves Miami that needs some work and Texas should've stayed in 2019). CityConnect even sounds so NBA.
  2. I don't remember the whole story, but when the Lakers moved from Minneapolis, it made no sense for them to keep the "Lakers " name for "Land of of 1000 Lakes". This would have pertained to Minnesota. The Lakers could have chosen from many different genres i.e. Stars. I guess they didn't want to rock the boat after having the success they had in Minnesota before they moved to L.A. Then, when the Jazz moved to Utah, they could have used the Lakers name( Salt Lake City) and left "Jazz" for New Orleans. Los Angeles also took the "Dodgers" name for something that had nothing to do with Los Angeles but I guess the establishment of the Lakers and Dodgers just made more sense to keep the name. They just don't make sense now. One thing is for sure, if they keep messing with the identities of these teams with the wacky uniform program, it won't matter. We won't know who the h**l is playing.
  3. This is exactly why I constantly complain about the 9,876 jerseys the NBA rolls out. Some teams just shouldn't be touched i.e Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Knicks but here's a jersey set for Utah, as DG_thenNowForever says, looks good and makes sense(more than Jazz note), and the NBA takes them away every year or two. Look at Atlanta now, that set should be their set for years, but it won't. I'm a Knick fan(that's bad enough) and I couldn't believe how awful those black jerseys that they wore in game 2 were. Terrible, just terrible.
  4. Yeah, I'm familiar with that Ted Stepien rule but I was just being selfish in a way because I collect jerseys and it's the one d**m jersey I can't get a hold of. It's just strange that they have gone through so many jerseys that I'm just surprised plus red/wine and gold go great together IMHO. What's worse is that if I ever got a chance to buy a new jersey from that era, of course I'd have to get this guy:
  5. Looks like a serial killer designed it.
  6. The scorebug is one thing, NBC's coverage of the playoffs is the real montrosity.
  7. Wow red pants. Reminds me of their best uniform ever!!
  8. The Oilers should have never deviated from the 2015-2017 uniforms. The royal and shade of orange looked waaaay better.
  9. I love these uniforms.Side note, Reggie totally belongs in the HOF as an A.
  10. The "most fun team to be on" in my opinion, look it up youngsters! The North Dallas Bulls!
  11. Just a reminder, I was watching this game last night and the Padres look Damn good!!!!!!! Even, dirty.
  12. Boy, now the defenses are really going to get confused. Get ready for a lot of 76-68 games.
  13. This is tremendous. I always liked those 80s uniforms and when they were thinking about building their own stadium, I would've wanted these uniforms(however, I would add silver, NOT GRAY, for the jet fighter effect) and would have called their new stadium(which was supposed to be roofed for big events) "The Hangar". Alas, the Giants and jets built the most boring new stadium in the league.
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