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  1. Man that navy is such a downgrade for the Oilers.
  2. Well, I seem to get killed when I bring up the stupidity of this money grab for the NBA because I like tradition. Yes we all love uniforms here, but now these 5/6/7 uniform s$#t has to stop because it's ruining a lot of teams identity. Some team DO need one i.e. OKC or New Orleans and it's funny when a team puts out a great statement, icon, association, or whatever and nail it.....then it's gone the next year. Those City Nugget Rainbows from a few years ago couldn't even be kept in stock. Why did the Warriors take the yellow back round out of blue jersey. Finally, and I've noticed a few posts this year already but the brand logos seem more annoying now than ever.
  3. Bucco Bruce was and still is one of my favorite uniforms but that 1997 uniform change was a thing a beauty. I was so angry with them losing the original unis but ablout halway through 97, they grew on me. Shoulda stayed with them forever. that 1997. Sorry Bucco Bruce.
  4. The Redskins should like like this, period.
  5. I really wish they would do a yellow version of the home and roads.
  6. I don't care what shade, just happy it's back to brown!
  7. So true, the league does look good and with the Padres going to brown next year , the Brewers and Diamondbacks really stick out as the only bad uniforms. For a whole league, that's not a bad percentage.
  8. The Clippers idea for a color change would be great(especially the stat brought up about red and blue in the NBA). It's too bad that the Chargers moved and had the Clippers(which let's face it, Clippers symbolizes San Diego more than LA) moved back and you have the Padres going back to brown. Oh, what could've been. The San Diego Padres in brown, the San Diego Chargers in light blue and the Clippers with maybe a light blue or teal and orange uni but anything but red and navy/royal blue. Wishful thinking.
  9. Even though I like the King's yellow and purple jerseys the most, the 90's jerseys are waaaaay better than what the Kings have to look at when they look at the first Stanley Cup photo they took when they won their first two Cups. A third grader could have done a better logo (sorry to insult all of you third graders out there). The 2002-2003 jerseys were a nice uniform also if they used the King crown on the white and purple jerseys without a black third(but that was never gonna happen).
  10. Couldn't agree with you more. I for one, do not want this turning into the NBA.
  11. Amen to that! Can't wait either for the brown to be back.