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  1. Wow red pants. Reminds me of their best uniform ever!!
  2. The Oilers should have never deviated from the 2015-2017 uniforms. The royal and shade of orange looked waaaay better.
  3. I love these uniforms.Side note, Reggie totally belongs in the HOF as an A.
  4. The "most fun team to be on" in my opinion, look it up youngsters! The North Dallas Bulls!
  5. Just a reminder, I was watching this game last night and the Padres look Damn good!!!!!!! Even, dirty.
  6. Boy, now the defenses are really going to get confused. Get ready for a lot of 76-68 games.
  7. This is tremendous. I always liked those 80s uniforms and when they were thinking about building their own stadium, I would've wanted these uniforms(however, I would add silver, NOT GRAY, for the jet fighter effect) and would have called their new stadium(which was supposed to be roofed for big events) "The Hangar". Alas, the Giants and jets built the most boring new stadium in the league.
  8. What about everybody(their road jerseys) at Lakers(yellow jerseys) in the 80s. This is how it should be.
  9. I really wish the NBA would pick up a book (like a dictionary) sometimes. Uniform | Definition of Uniform by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › uniform (Entry 1 of 4) 1 : having always the same form, manner, or degree : not varying or variable uniform procedures. 2 : consistent in conduct or opinion uniform interpretation of laws. 3 : of the same form with others : conforming to one rule or mode : consonant.
  10. What's funny is that in the article, the "artist" talks about being able to identify with a Lakers jersey when the NBA is changing jerseys 56 times a year. So how is someone suppose to identify with a team. Even if they come up with a great design, it will be gone in a few years anyway.
  11. Another F$%king cash grab. When does it end. Maybe since they won't give us "normal" jerseys, we can pay for them with this:
  12. As a card carrying member of the "I'm so happy the Padres are back in brown" club. I don't like the camos at all.
  13. Yeah, well I'm not surprised because of this "cool base" bull crap. The material is so cheap and I wonder if they even sell a lot of the authentic jerseys as compared to replicas. They probably can't take the patch off with a seam ripper for fear of ripping the cheap material. I used to love the feel of the heavier authentic jerseys and you felt like you got your moneys worth. The NHL is no better when you can see every bit of the equipment a player is wearing under his white jersey. Good post BBTV.
  14. Totally agree with you andrewharrington. Call it what you want but it as still embarrassing in my opinion. I will say, more than ever, it's all about getting "in the tournament". Expansion isn't always good for leagues(the Cup hasn't been in Canada in almost 30 years) and now there's another team coming next year. Remember, also in 2019, the Blues were DEAD LAST in the league on January 3rd(the last "normal") NHL year and won it all. Home ice means nothing anymore in the playoffs. Last year seemed to work well with some teams getting byes, which led to one of the best teams in the decade of the 10s finally win their 2nd Cup. Anyway, yes although it may have been a great backstory, the Golden Knights making it to the Finals in their first year was a bit of a joke to me.
  15. This is just terrible but hopefully the Mets will wear them a handful of times and that's it. If it's a nod to the 2000 and 2006, so be it(they lost to the damn Yankees in them, that should be enough not to bring them back) and in 2015 they made the series in what they wear now. It's funny, I remember when I was begging for the Padres to go back to brown and the Mets, A's, Rangers get rid of the BFBS and I was told "just because those teams wore those uniforms(70s-80s) when you were a kid, doesn't make them good". Now the shoe is on the other foot and 20 years have gone by and those Met fans have grown up and want what they remember when they were kids. Nike wins again too!! I really can't believe they would screw with the jerseys they have now. In fact, after the Brewers, Padres and Diamondbacks changed recently, I gotta say the league has never looked better as a whole.(yes, the Rangers may have taken a step back and Miami still can't get it right). Okay, I'm all over the place, this Mets thing has me so:
  16. Totally agree. That was the issue I had with the 90s uniforms, the colors. The Reverse Retros are better. These 90s colors made no sense!!! These do!!!
  17. I've been on the "money grab" opinion for years but you may be onto something. It's gotten worse every year. Some teams that didn't really have an identity yet, really got cheated. Oh, how I miss these Thunder uniforms.
  18. Exactly, I don't want the NHL becoming the joke that the NBA uniforms have become.
  19. Well, I guess you took that picture seriously, so I'll just explain that I don't want the NHL putting ads on jerseys like the NBA. So, I'll leave it at that.
  20. Yeah, but once that AD door is open, who know what the corporations will try to get away with. We are a uniform forum, so that being said, we probably care more than any hockey fans about the way the team's uniforms look, If I have to watch games with uniforms like would bother me.