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  1. Glad to see the dislike for the NBA uniform program, especially after that red-orange game a few weeks ago. I've been complaining about the 61 different jerseys for each team every year and then changing them the next. Even the names of the jerseys are dumb. I think I broke a record tonight to giving out likes, between the terrible Celtics banner comment, Lakers "not" the gold team at home, Portland Raiders etc. Grant it, there are some teams that need an identity like the Thunder( had a good one a few years ago, but of course it's shelved) but many teams have an identity (Lakers. Bulls, Celtics, Spurs) and the league is just messing around with them for a money grab. Let's get rid of some of these uniform programs.
  2. So true, just look at this mess:
  3. No, the Islanders colors are exactly where they need to be. The RR that they have now sort of got them back to respectability on the uniform front separating from the Fisherman years(and Islander logo/fisherman jersey). It was a sigh of relief to look "normal" again. Then came the Reebok 2007 fiasco and now back to the original colors. There was also a lot of NFNS at the time, just look at the Oilers. they looked so much better prior to going to navy and a strange shade of orange.
  4. Amazing how they're only realizing it's a mess now. Cha-ching. Better late then never.
  5. There was this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1964:
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Finally(although it did happen in 2013). So glad this happened and even got press. There's only one way to express the happiness I feel now, take it away RERUN(R.I.P.)......
  7. Right on IceCap, personally, I think certain posters are trying to extend this thread just for the hell of it.
  8. Especially going against Brady, even though the defense played great and really won the game for them. Since this is a uniform forum, thank goodness they didn't win in these:
  9. I can't believe this thread is still going on:
  10. Speaking of the the NBA......the Lakers and Bulls. Boy, took a few minutes to figure out who was playing
  11. Well, if that's the case, not ONE team has stood up and said "Nope, we are keeping our home and roads only", especially teams like the Lakers and Celtics. So, if the teams have the last say, that's some average 30 for 30.
  12. At least we won't have to see these(one year makes a big difference):
  13. Totally agree don't care. People who know I'm a uniform nut have asked me about the Rams uniforms a lot this year. The funniest is "Did the trainer forget to wash them?"
  14. This is a great example of the NBA money grab screwing with team identities. If I remember correctly, this uniform was a big hit compared to what they choose as their sets when they moved to OKC. Imagine a white set of this uniform and they would have a pretty solid identity. Now, this jersey is gone but we can only dream.
  15. Yeah, and it will probably have less jerseys than the Nike NBA era.
  16. AAAAAH, One year down, four to go:
  17. Man, could you imagine the flack this uniform would get on this board NOW!!!
  18. BTW. your avatar is one of the best on the board!!!
  19. Yeah, I didn't really mean for this to look navy but it does. I was going for royal(ironically, I hated the navy movement too). Thanks for pointing it out though.
  20. Totally agree with everything you said. My ire is at the NBA(I've done it enough) and changing the teams identities(some do need a change but not many). I've seen other posts here(so it's not my eyesight) and when I put on a NBA game, sometimes I don't know who they hell is playing. I also like the Miami Vice jerseys(I put up a post the other day of a white and black jersey that they USED to wear).That would be an OK change in identity to me. Some people say it's gimmicky but that's ok. Changing the vice colors every year is just money grabbing right to our faces. Yeah, and I don't think we have to worry about the horrible short sleeves in he NHL.