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  1. This is criminal. I'm 50 and I've actually seen teams now have two new stadiums built. Giants and Jets didn't need one, it was perfect for football. Why is the Superdome lasting so long then? Some of these stadiums never were even torn down i.e. Astrodome, CAA arena in NJ. Makes no sense sometimes but there's Wrigley, Fenway, Superdome etc. Not one cent should go to these greedy bastards or what are they gonna do...THREATEN TO MOVE THE TEAM. How did that work out for you Spanos? I didn't even know about the Rangers getting a new stadium, makes no sense.
  2. You're right and I hope this doesn't lead to the NFL following the NBA Bulls*&t.
  3. Johnny Canuck overrated!
  4. Johnny Canuck and the Gorton's Fisherman seem like they would get along and have a few beers together in a bar, not on a hockey sweater. Always knew the Fisherman was bad but Johnny Canuck is overrated.
  5. Well, anyone who claims to have information and goes on the most popular uniform and jersey board, doesn't share it, is badly looking for attention. If you know, keep it to yourself. This board has done just fine without real or fake leaks.
  6. If that's the case then why did the Rams wear those terrible whites at home in the 2nd and 3rd week? I want uniform rules, even if it means seeing a bad uniform(as mentioned week 2 and 3), I don't want this league to turn into the NBA.
  7. The article says it asked and received permission to wear the throwbacks. I don't know the answer to this but if they were over the limit to wear the throwbacks, if they were, the league shouldn't give them permission. Most of what I've seen on this board hate the white Ram"s version they have to roll out because of this rule, so that's not really fair because the Rams could've worn their throwbacks more. I actually have no problem with the new Dolphins set(they tweeked it to make it even look better this year by removing the three color trim on the numbers) although the throwbacks are beautiful.
  8. Why doesn't the NBA just take every single team's uniforms history, make a jersey for each season every team has existed, sell a replica, Swingman, and Authentic version of it. After that, pick up a dictionary(yeah,I'm old), close the book, open it and point to ten words on the page and create a new uniform for each team and called it the word that you point to. Done.
  9. I agree so much that if I could, I would post you're exact post every day. I hate what the NBA has done. I turn on a game and I don't even know who's playing. Team uniforms should be an extension of the team's legacy and identity, I get the money grab S*&t, but the NBA has taken it way out of control. tigerslionspistonshabs if I could give you 1000 likes for your post, I would.
  10. Oh I don't know, the shirts kind of look like they came out of a bargain bin. If they were shooting for the 90s they should have brought back the 1993 beauties.
  11. I also think the Bucs change was overshadowed by what the Broncos (or Nike) had done with their uniforms.
  12. Great concept. To hell with Philly if they don't want to use silver, I think the Jets should go Kelly green and silver(or even some type of metallic grey). I would love to see what this would look like with a silver/ metallic helmet. Nice job though!!
  13. I hated the BFBS Mets. As Ice Cap stated, DON'T BUY THE GEAR. I wanted to throw paint on someone's black Mets jersey like they do to fur wearers but he wasn't finished with his bottle yet.
  14. The Nuggets City unis are great but as usual, Nike has to add their touch to screw it up. The thin lines for the logo washes it out and gives off that "fuzzy" vibe so you can't see it clearly. No need for the pencil lines.
  15. I know it's unpopular to like Bucco Bruce, but the Buccaneers quickly made me forget about him with those 1997 beauties. I also am not one that like to tie a teams success with their uniforms(or the Los Angeles Kings would have been parading the cup around the ice in yellow uniforms) but not only were those 97's nicely put together, they won the Bowl in them. Glad to see the push back on these abominations.
  16. I'm with OMMF as fas as Fanatics goes and everyone read the small print EXCLUDES JERSEYS as usual. Mitchell and Ness 40% off.
  17. Now I know it's a day late and this question has probably been asked so many different ways over the years but as of now, one uniform set, any sport or era, which ONE are you most thankful for.
  18. Yellow jerseys and blue jerseys. Done. At home they could do the 4/4 split with the blue jerseys and the yellow jerseys will not clash with any other teams while on the road.
  19. The Rams should go with the yellow jerseys and blue jerseys and call it a day. (Kinda of like their neighbors the Kings and Lakers did). They could wear the yellow or blue at home and the yellow certainly would not cause any clashing problems with others teams home uniforms.
  20. Yeah, they do remind me of the terrible BFBS Mets. I'm so glad they went back to their more traditional uniforms like the Blue Jays and Phillies to match the traditional Red sox, Cubs,Yankees,Tigers, Cardinals,Dodgers( we don't need to go back 100 years to know what I mean). I think the post expansion era from 1961, there are a mixed bag of traditional looking uniforms like the Mets, Blue Jays, Mariners, Expos(when they existed) and messes, Padres, Astros,White sox even the traditional A's changed colors(because of Finley) but this was all because of color TV. The real problem was the 1990s expansion while the Rockies could fit into traditional, the other three teams....Marlins(see above), Diamondbacks(need I say more) and the Rays(changed identities) have been probably some of the most discussed uniforms on this board. The league all the way around has probably looked the best it's ever looked at one time(post-expansion). I think if the Brewers went back the the BIG, Padres(brown), Diamondbacks(garbage can) and leave the Marlins alone because we don't know how these will play out.