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  1. Use this uniform, take the feather off the spear and call them the Washington Warriors. Warriors and the spear go together.
  2. I usually complain about this exact issue every couple of months(especially that identity mess) but thanks for giving me the month off.
  3. THE METS LOOK PERFECT THE WAY THEY ARE NOW!! Now let's go buy a championship.
  4. Great points tp49. As a fellow Islander fan, I agree with everything your reference about the "Fishstcks" logo. The Islanders are one of many examples of teams that JUST NEED TWO JERSEYS!!!!
  5. The next Knicks jersey since we are on produce now.... Kills two birds with one stone.One of 18 Knick jerseys for the year 20-21 and advertising.
  6. I'm sure if the team weren't called the Stars, they wouldn't have "co-opted" it. However, they are called the Stars, and the fact that the Minnesota holdover jerseys were bland, Reebok did a nuke job on them with the college look, the 99 Stanley Cup winning set is by far the best set for the Stars. The set they have now is nice but the 4th grader who designed the Kings logo also designed he Stars new logo.
  7. It's a nice jersey but won' be a keeper because the NBA will switch it out again next year for it's annual money grab, so give the your money while they are available. Too bad because this would be a great SUNS identity for the next 50 years or so.
  8. Dallas' best look and clever too:
  9. Dallas skyline scares me too. Remember these?
  10. and they also forgot the "28-3" patch on the front of the jersey that the Rams have
  11. So true. Don't forget about Wilt. If the Lakers were in Minnesota, there's no way Wilt, Kareem, Kobe(remember drafted by Charlotte), Shaq, and Lebron, would've went there. HAHA, I couldn't imagine them on the Minneapolis Lakers.
  12. If it does, My head will........
  13. Although I love the King's 80's jerseys, the 2000s purple with crown(above) along with the white jersey with crown would have been a great jersey for the 21st century sans the "Los Angeles" script. I hate that they won 2 cups with the terrible Reebok initiated jerseys and the logo drawn up by a second grader. I can't stand the logo they have now.
  14. Yeah, I know they played around with the numbers(good point there) and panels a lot in the beginning so I'll take any of those fonts without the panels any they never have to change. Plus . they'll own Teal and the 90s uniforms can be represented.
  15. Great post!!!!!!. Looking back in 10 years we will be "was that game 4 o r5". This is just another great example of the NBA money grabbers making a mockery of team identities.
  16. Got it right the first time What a shame.
  17. I really think they did a good job in taking a classic uniform and making a change. That's tough to do. They even got rid of that annoying blue.
  18. True dat. Many team issues would be better off with striped socks instead of leotards.
  19. Makes perfect sense because then you might have room for TV numbers under the bolt. Make that bolt leaner like you said, it would match the helmet too. I still love em though.
  20. Whomever had a hand in any design in that Ram uniform someday will realize what a bad job they did........
  21. The orange pants are beautiful. Two great classic uniforms(I know the real classic was white pants),
  22. Striped socks would take care of MANY pants issues or even whole uniforms at that.