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  1. Striped socks would take care of MANY pants issues or even whole uniforms at that.
  2. I just think that most of this league is doing what all leagues should do. GO BACK TO THEIR IDENTITIES. Most of them are better than the BS when changes were made(and money grabs). I think with the Flames going back to their original identity and the Senators close along with the Penguins(I know they started ice blue), The Original 6, Sharks, Blues, Islanders etc. That being said, the expansion explosion that started in the late to early 90's have had a tough time or succeeded in creating an identity, have changed their uniforms a few times. I'm just glad the NHL is not like the NBA having 50 different uniforms for one year, then changing uniforms again the next year.
  3. Definitely top 10 uniforms home and away.
  4. I have been complaining about this for years. The league is on a money grab and won't stop. The problem is,first you take away a teams identity(especially teams like the Celtics and Lakers) and then I really like this one, people who DO like this 7 or 8 uniform junk. You find a jersey or uniform you like on a team but then they change the next year and get rid of said jersey. Then the complaints start "oh they looked good in "whatever". Now, with free agency, we are rooting for the uniforms and logos and to change them constantly is a joke. I have many posts on this but njdevs7 summed it up perfectly. You turn on a game and don't know who the hell is playing. Celtics in black, Lakers in black just terrible
  5. The Rams look terrible. You can't just pick out one aspect of the uniform and like it. I guess that's all we can do at this point they're so bad because:
  6. As expected, the horn(if that's what you want to call it)on the shoulders, invisible.
  7. Doesn't matter what they do with the "bone" color , the fact that they screwed up the helmet logo can't be overlooked.
  8. This post could be long so I'll just narrow it down: 1) NBA - doesn't matter what tweaks you make, they will have 12,023 uniforms to choose from so I'm sure one would be spot on 2- Can someone with over a fourth grade level redesign the Los Angles Kings logo. I can't believe I have to look at that stupid logo in their Stanley Cup photos. 3-Mentioned here before, wish the NY Giants had their gray pants back for the homes.
  9. As long as the Padres keep these uniforms, they will finally have a great identity and the top 5 uniforms in baseball. Add to that, they will have the brown color market cornered, I just wish the Rockies would embrace purple more. I like the different shades and bright colors. With the Padres, Brewers and Diamondbacks improving, most of the league looks pretty good right now.
  10. Damn, the Chargers look great!!! Just F$%^&ng great!!
  11. They are still better than these jokes: and........................ 28-3.
  12. In a uniform that has MANY faults, I agree. What the hell is the purpose of that name tag that's not finished? I'm at a loss.
  14. I the pinstripes serve two purposes on the Padres road unis. First, continuity and second, maybe they did hear the complaints about the "urine" colored road uniforms and the pinstripes deviate from that look. Although it is a better "tan" than the 2004 unis.
  15. Exactly what I thought. The "Rangers" should be the darker blue.