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  1. I like the "new" one, but I grew up with the the old logo so I like it. I like to call it "the praying mantis" logo.
  2. I REALLY like both of them, but Seal Slingers holds a slight edge as the favorite for me.
  3. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
  4. Yeah, they said they're rolling it out throughout the year. I know BW took a while to update certain parts of campus with their new logo back in 2009. One part was by the concession stand at the main gym. They had this logo, only the yellow jacket, painted on the wall for about 8 or so years (2009-2018 or 2019) until they repainted it with the current logo. Fun fact, that logo (just the yellow jacket) is still used for IT and it's still on the marching band uniforms
  5. Cleveland Monsters unveiling 15th anniversary logo
  6. I went to BW! AwwwJackets! But the best name is the OAC is the Fighting Muskies. I want to see what Capital comes up for the mascot. Maybe a spaceman?
  7. Capital (DIII, OAC) are becoming the Comets. It looks like they based the comet off of the Ohio State flag. I like the name and looking at the logo more, I like it.
  8. So they're running dry in the desert? Lol I'm glad they're keeping that logo, but their current logo is unique and I like the uniqueness.
  9. That looks like they just spray painted the yellow on. Ugh Nike.
  10. I'll have you know they paid me good money for that logo Yeah, not a fan of the logo or the name, but that's just me.
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