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  1. I totally get the idea, but I think athletic logos and academia logos should be separate. The new academic logo isn't great. It looks like a secondary logo for the team, not a logo for the academics.
  2. I've noticed a turn here in Cleveland. Most people now hate the current uniforms and prefer the color rush. Here's to 2020 hoping they make tweaks and use the color rush template for their new uniform.
  3. I have an easy fix. Put the blue jersey back as the primary and demote the orange jersey to third jersey status.
  4. @Silence of the Rams the one on the front of the jersey. Keep the sleeve designs, but remove the color curve part from the front of the jerseys.
  5. Good start, but I'm noticing that all the teams have the same design (the curved colored part) on each jersey. Take LA for example. The uniform is ok, but if you removed the gold curved part from the front of the uniform, it would make the uniform a lot better.
  6. Good, but not a fan of the split NY color on the helmet. I would make the NY black or have the stripe go down the middle of the helmet.
  7. I'm gonna say that from now on! Hasn't anyone learned by now not to argue with the mods?
  8. Good, but I'm not a fan of two white alternates. What if you did red alternate? Keep the design but make the jersey red and the stripes blue. Other than that, I'm really enjoying the series so far. Keep up the great work!!
  9. But they got the tattoos and the patch right!
  10. Ban horizontal stripes on baseball jerseys. It doesn't look right.
  11. I live in Ohio and had no clue that Norwalk was known by that. I was reading an article online and I saw that logo in the background of the picture that was taken and thought "I've seen that logo somewhere before, but where?" Now I know!
  12. Can that logo *be* anymore bigger?
  13. That logo is nice. Love the "S and M" in the mane.