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  1. I think this is good for both leagues. I'm looking forward to seeing new teams in the Frontier League! Here's the story and they will play under the Frontier League brand:
  2. No black pants?!? Wow...
  3. I don't even care anymore. But totally agree, if the Indians are forced, the Braves have to. If the Indians don't rebrand, they need a logo better than the block C.
  4. NEWS OUT OF THE FRONTIER LEAGUE: They are having a major announcement on Wednesday. I'm guessing, as few people are, they and the Cam-Am League are going to merge and form a new independent league. Also, the Florence Freedom are changing their name. With new ownership, they are taking the opportunity to create their own brand.
  5. Fun fact- one of my professors in college worked for the Browns for years, before and after the move. He was in on the design process for the "new logo" and he suggested the elf or the bulldog logo as the new primary logo. He suggested to keep the helmet the same, but make one of those logos the primary. They could switch some of the helmet logos out for the "new logo", but still use the helmet logo as a secondary logo. Obviously, they didn't listen and it cost them millions of dollars to update the stadium and their training facility in Berea having a brown facemask and an oranger helmet.
  6. My club better not be getting another redesign again. They just finished the one they've been working on for God knows how many years and THEY REORGANIZED THE WHOLE STORE!! I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING!!! *rant over*
  7. It'll be good for the city edition, but not the full time court.
  8. I don't think so. I think it's just a logo change.
  9. Looks like WKYC in Cleveland is getting a new logo... Bland to say the least Here's the current one for comparison
  10. I think you'll just need the one ray in the logo. Having 2 rays in the logo just doesn't look good. I think if you take out the stingray in the wordmark, it'll clean up the logo better. Other than that, great job once again!!!