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  1. That quote made make laugh. It's true. Capital United is the dumbest one in there. It sounds like a soccer team. Capital dropped the ball on this and I'm hoping that Capybaras can be considered.
  2. Capital Crusaders, D3 school in Ohio, announced the final four for their name change. Here are the logos for each potential replacement. Personally, I like the Comets. It's a unique name, and there's a bunch of unique names in the Ohio Athletic Conference (Student Princes, Polar Bears, and my favorite, Fighting Muskies). The twist to the story is that "Capital Capybaras" had caught on within the student and the alumni and they want it to be included within these choices. And here's the link to the article: https://cuchimes.com/06/2021/capital-alum-shares-thoughts-on-mascot-nominees/
  3. Cleveland Monsters are celebrating their anniversary of winning the Calder Cup in 2016 with a logo Wouldn't be surprised (off topic) if the Cavs do something like this for their championship.
  4. Oh great... Now my OCD is acting up
  5. It's better than the orange. They never should've switched their primary jersey from blue to orange. This is a promising sign that they'll return to blue at home and have orange as the alternate.
  6. Same with everyone is saying. Don't worry about the reimbursement. I'm happy to help out to keep the site running.
  7. A lot?!? They just took off the curve of the S, added a couple things to make it they're own, and called it a day! It looks bad, especially since the Seattle Kraken haven't even played yet!
  8. So glad we have this option now. I stopped posting/visiting (for a while) because of the ads. I definitely signed up and I'm very happy with it
  9. They said "Columbus Crew" will be on the badge... I'm wondering is they are putting Crew where the SC was at.
  10. Bingo. They're replacing the triangle inside the flag with 96. Damn, Save the Crew worked again!
  11. Regarding the Crew: they could've done better. I thing they wanted to shead the "Columbus Crew SC" badge because of all the negativity with it (more owner than anything), but they could've called themselves "Columbus Crew" or "Crew SC". As many people have pointed out, "Save the Crew" will forever be a part of Columbus soccer and if they don't want to embrace it, fine. But don't get mad/upset when fans are angry because you changed the name, again.
  12. I always said the problem with the Cavs is that they used BLACK and NAVY. They need to stick to one or the other. And it looks like they're going with black, which isn't my favorite look for them, but hey, what do I know?
  13. See... They can still screw this up God, I hate the Dolans.
  14. So the student body would get behind Virgin University? I'll see myself out.
  15. Greendale Community College has already claimed the least controversial mascot
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