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  1. *insert RELEASE THE KRAKEN joke*
  2. The logo is okay. I like the wheat inside of the crown, but it overall look is just blah.
  3. To our dedicated moderating team trying to keep this thread alive
  4. They were bought by Dish Network. So Dish put part of their logo inside of the orange for Boost.
  5. In OAC news, Capital University announced that they will retire the "Crusaders" name. Some people will see it as "pressure" because of Washington's announcement today, but look closely, and it said it took place over 15 months, so it started back sometime in April 2019.
  6. Welp, I was wrong. Good for Washington and here's to hoping for a great name and logo
  7. IMHO, as long as Snyder owns the team, they won't change. I'm rooting for all the corporate partnerships to cancel their contracts with Washington and then Snyder will be forced to change the name. If they do change, pick a name that represents the D.C. area.
  8. I still won't be able to find my app on my Google Pixel
  9. It was used for the 60th anniversary training camp
  10. Agree with the shoulders for the Ram's horn. The numbers on the arm make it look clutter. And @_DietDrPepper_ is right. I'm concerned about the black facemasks. And still seeing the Ram's horn just makes me hate the logo and the uniforms more.
  11. It looks like the skeleton of a horse than an armored house.
  12. Prime example of "if it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!"
  13. Oh God: It's like the Browns rebrand all over again.
  14. These threads are getting detailed every day. First, the Los Angeles thread, now this one... Quarantine is making us go crazy
  15. Remove the EST 2020. It's oddly placed on the logo. I also feel that too many colors are being used. I would remove the red and stick with the blue, yellow, and black.
  16. All I can think of is "The Good Place" with the "duuuval" cheer when Jason goes back to Jacksonville And then every one around him screams that too.
  17. I don't know why I haven't thought about this one! This goes it to my friends in Cleveland, especially on the West Side! With the rise of Avon Commons and Crocker Park, this place is . I live less than 5 miles from it and I never go there. All of the anchor stores have left and there is hardly any traffic there. It's slowing dying, and it needs to die and be redeveloped.
  18. I like it, but I would remove the logo on the helmet. The spots and the Aztec design along with the logo makes the helmet look busy.
  19. Target Canada was ultimately unsuccessful, with an overly-aggressive expansion initiative, in addition to higher prices and a limited selection of products compared to Target stores in the United States (from Wikipedia) It also cited other competitors like Walmart, LoBlaws, and Shoppers Drug Mart (both are local chains), as well as Canadian Tire, contributed to Target Canada's eventual demise.
  20. Good start, but I would do the tongue and the nose in red and the eye in teal. It looks like it popped a blood vessel.
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