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  1. Good update for them. I agree, the bearkat head logo looks a little weird, but better than their old one. And where have I seen that old logo before
  2. I go with robo penguin. *Runs away to hide in cave*
  3. I had a feeling since his first post that FormerLurker would get banned. Was it just me?!?
  4. Oh God I forgot about the '90s for them. I blocked this out of my mind permanently (as most people did).
  5. They can play basketball in the giant, bubble balls right?
  6. This is..... unsettling. Someone just wanted to make Browns' fans mad.
  7. They (Panthers) moved to the Nike template last season, as evident by the removal of the logo on the pants.
  8. A golden opportunity for the Golden Knights.
  9. Gee, you think you know someone. Totally understand this ban.
  10. I'm cool with this. Dolan is a *censored* idiot.
  11. Knowing the Indians, they'll have the block C and the "Cleveland" script instead of "Indians" for the Spring Training hats. They manage to screw something up
  12. I agree. I worked at the Lake Erie Crushers when they switched colors back in 2017. The new owners took over the team back in 2016 and I remember he thought about changing the name. He decided against it, but he gathered fans' opinions during the season to see what they wanted. The fans didn't want the Crushers to go away. He saw that the Crushers identity needed to stay, but just needed to be updated.
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