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  1. I don't know, but that is my guess. For opening day (which is tomorrow for Cleveland now) they usually wear their cream alternates, so maybe the red socks with stripes were for that.
  2. Yes,they are wearing these the whole season.
  3. It seems to me that the Penguins are pushing the return of the gold with this post from Facebook...fingers crossed!!
  4. I would have the Penguins keep their logo, but use the Robo-Pen as shoulder patch. I always enjoyed that logo.
  5. It makes sense,in my mind. Instead of updating logos and uniforms to use in the Coliseum,just wait until they move to Inglewood and have the "rebrand" there.
  6. There is one with the brown replacing the black,but it doesn't look good,especially on the yellow jacket. Actually,we hardly use black on any of our uniforms. We only use it as an accent.
  7. I agree, brown and yellow are the best?Sorry,had to take the opportunity!!
  8. Like the Lions update. I wish they would use more black on their uniforms right now, can't wait to see the rest!!
  9. Well,one of the worst logos is OKC, IMO...but I'm really liking the Pistons update.
  10. They're still on the overuse of gold from Super Bowl 50 jk, totally understand the gold, but way too much of it...
  11. Not a big fan of the Steelers,but to update, add the gold to the gray jersey to incorporate both colors.
  12. I really like the new OSU uniforms, never was a fan of the previous uniforms.
  13. These are all nice and clean, the only thing I don't like is the Eagles helmet. I understand more black, but it just doesn't work for me with the wings. It would look good for the Falcons, but not the Eagles. Keep the Eagles helmet the same as they have and that will be a great update(or even make the helmet black and revert the wings to their current design).
  14. As long as Jerry Jones is alive,the Cowboys will never change their uniform, IMO (unless they dump the home slivery green pants).
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