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  1. Fun fact- one of my professors in college worked for the Browns for years, before and after the move. He was in on the design process for the "new logo" and he suggested the elf or the bulldog logo as the new primary logo. He suggested to keep the helmet the same, but make one of those logos the primary. They could switch some of the helmet logos out for the "new logo", but still use the helmet logo as a secondary logo. Obviously, they didn't listen and it cost them millions of dollars to update the stadium and their training facility in Berea having a brown facemask and an oranger helmet.
  2. My club better not be getting another redesign again. They just finished the one they've been working on for God knows how many years and THEY REORGANIZED THE WHOLE STORE!! I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING!!! *rant over*
  3. It'll be good for the city edition, but not the full time court.
  4. I don't think so. I think it's just a logo change.
  5. Looks like WKYC in Cleveland is getting a new logo... Bland to say the least Here's the current one for comparison
  6. I think you'll just need the one ray in the logo. Having 2 rays in the logo just doesn't look good. I think if you take out the stingray in the wordmark, it'll clean up the logo better. Other than that, great job once again!!!
  7. Those are the only two options. You'll have to use a free, image hosting site, like Imuger.
  8. Please be true, please by true.
  9. The hanging sock roundel logo is better than the one that you presented. I feel having "Boston Red Sox...EST 1901" makes it too busy. The hanging sock is better presented and I think would suit the Red Sox better.
  10. Woah... This is impressive. I'm looking forward to see the rest of the teams!!
  11. I figured the anniversary logo would be center court. The return on wine and gold in great, even though I miss the Cleveland skyline on the court.
  12. It is also the 25th anniversary of Gund Arena/The Q being built. I reject the current arena name.
  13. I would be okay with that. It's just sad to see. But once again, it sounds like the ownership didn't take care of the team. They were locked out of the stadium by the city and were barely surviving.
  14. Reminds me of the original Bengals helmet.
  15. It's Carolina Panthers... And I know BoA changed their logo and I've seen it on the Panthers banner outside the stadium, but I haven't been able to find new signage yet.
  16. News for the Frontier League: River City Rascals will cease operations and the end of the season. This is not good for the FL. They've combined their All Star Game with the Cam-Am league and now there will only be 9 teams for 2020 season, unless another team leaves or the league folds.
  17. Here's the thing... When Richardson owned the team, he stated that the uniforms wouldn't change as long as he owned the team, which included not using Nike's new template (Here's the link for proof that I'm not crazy) With a new owner, things are changing (yay!) The Packers and the Panthers were the ONLY teams to use the dazzle fabric in 2018. I think the uniform looks better w/o the panther logo on the pants. I hoping for a helmet change next season (black black black)
  18. @~Bear,I totally agree. I believe their Color Rush will become the new uniform. The only thing I like from the current set is the Cleveland on the chest. I hope they keep that.
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