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  1. According to WTMJ, UW-Milwaukee has started preliminary discussions about a possible move to the Missouri Valley Conference. Article also says that MVC has met with Murray State and has strong interest in adding Valparaiso.
  2. I seriously love those red helmets....I wish that the Badgers would use them full time.
  3. I was wondering was Pokemon related thing the designer would use of the Blackhawks....never thought of Brock, I love it. I also like the name the designer used for Phoenix....The Glendale Arizona Mightyotes of Greater Phoenix, that got a laugh out of me.
  4. I hope this is the right spot to put this...found this interesting. Well an artist out there decided to compine NHL logos and Pokemon into an interesting compination. Why have a plain old duck in your logo when you can have Psyduck?
  5. Given that this ownership group has done things on the cheap, I imagine we'll have a re-coloring of the old logo into the new colors. New Milwaukee logo....not bad, could be MUCH worse. Lack of originality for the most part. Why the hell does the black background split the logo itself? I think going back to the Mustang name is exactly what they needed to do. Most people in southeastern Wisconsin know more about the Mustangs as a team 10 years ago than they did of the current Iron team. I wish they went back to something similar to the streaking horse over the M just to keep the identity similar, but this new logo is much better than the Iron's terrible one. It could be better, but it's still pretty good. I hope they do well in drawing fans again like the Mustangs used to. Arena football is a great sports if it's run properly and I want it to succeed again. I just noticed something. If you go to this link Mustangs logo the nose and mouth are slightly different (worse) than what was posted above here. Just strange to see two slight varations so early in this logos existence. I personally don't like the new logo. I would've loved for them to basically use the old look, it was a solid identity and the pulled off the color scheme surprisingly well. I personally would've like it more if the just re-colored the Iron's logo to the old colors and replace the word Iron to Mustang. Da well, still curious to see the uniforms, didn't like there old uni's to much. There's also a version of the logo that's white instead of grey, I think the grey version is better then the white