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  1. Well, that's one way to try meeting the bottom line. https://deadspin.com/employees-accused-arizona-coyotes-of-union-busting-fai-1820491719?
  2. I knew the Braves were tanking, but I didn't think they were actually Tanking.
  3. Nathan Fenno: "The Chargers have filed to relocate to Los Angeles. #NFL" https://twitter.com/nathanfenno/status/684210603997528064
  4. Not every player in the league can live up to your naked Giancarlo Stanton poster.
  5. You have three Cups in six years and can only give 110%? Move the Blackhawks to a market that would appreciate a winner more, like New Orleans, or Mars. To keep it on topic, the Blackhawks can bring the new Lou Malnati's location at Lincoln/Montrose with them.
  6. Two hundred and sixty United States dollars is the early bird price for ECHL hockey? Okay, then. If you're scoring at home, MLB.tv Premium and NHL GameCenter are both $130 each.
  7. Kroenke is just going with the scorched earth method at this point.
  8. Following the Wolves this year looks more and more appealing every day. The Kings are making the offseason crap up to the fans in a big way. The giveaway for November 14? Cartman bobbleheads! Oh but it could have been so much better!That was rescheduled to October 18, because, uh, well... Oy vey.
  9. Following the Wolves this year looks more and more appealing every day.
  10. Found a rendering for what Saint Louis should build instead of a new football stadium:
  11. The Chargers are LA-oriented in that football fans in LA look at the schedule and go "hey, my ______s go to San Diego this year, let's go down for the weekend and the game."
  12. The Reign have three home and away with Texas and San Antonio, two home and away with Mantioba and Charlotte, and the rest are within the special we-don't-like-snowflakes section of the division. Dumb.
  13. It's "pizza" that you're actually supposed to pay money to eat, and not the other way around.
  14. Chicago-style thin crust is the best pizza. Deep dish is for tourists and suburbanites. Never, ever go to Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder Company in Lincoln Park because this is not pizza. Bring back my Rams.
  15. San Diego @ Toronto is the only inter-league matchup that hasn't happened yet.
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