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  1. On 8/4/2017 at 5:37 PM, Buc said:

    I don't know how many of y'all are aware (or care :P), but apparently all the talk and huff-puff--mostly of our Mayor, Megan Barry--of bringing MLS into Music City has reached the ear of Commissioner Don Garber.


    Mayor Barry has been on this one for a while, now, aided by the chairman of whats now Nashville SC (formerly Nashville FC while in the NPSL; the soon-to-be USL side bought and absorbed the identity from the latter recently), and now that, somehow, Nashville landed on the list of 10 finalists for future MLS clubs, they're really trying to push for this thing. All this without a stadium or site, although they're pitching the fairgrounds in town as a potential site (which while being physically maybe 4 miles outside downtown, really ain't the easiest spot to get to).


    I'm not really wild about this--but that's because this city has larger problems than trying to secure an MLS side. (Of course, I'm also of the opinion MLS really needs to cool it with the  Oprah-esque expansion ambitions and let this game grow organically at the lower levels and get the overall quality of play on the pitch up first, but that's just me.)


    I know there's a preference for soccer-only stadiums, but... I was in Nashville last weekend for the Man City v Spurs friendly and thought that Nissan Stadium was a great venue. I don't see why a Nashville team couldn't call that home, at least in the short term.  


  2. Hate is pretty strong. I can't think of a sport I'd like to eradicate like it's cancer or genocide or something. 


    At best, there are sports for which I have complete indifference, and you'd have a difficult time even paying me to watch. Among the majors, basketball.  In general, though, I'm not a fan of sports with subjective scoring, or that lack head-to-head competition. 

  3. Not so much at the team level... but I've shifted allegiance to sports over time. MLB has almost completely fallen off my radar (I was a Giants fan in my younger days), while soccer has emerged as my #2 behind hockey over the past few years.  I say MLB specifically, because I still enjoy attending minor league games. 

  4. Buffalo vs. NY Jets

    New England vs. Miami

    Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis

    Houston vs. Tennessee

    Oakland vs. Denver

    Kansas City vs. San Diego

    Baltimore vs. Cincinnati

    Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh


    Philadelphia vs. Dallas

    NY Giants vs. Washington

    Carolina vs. Tampa Bay

    New Orleans vs. Atlanta

    Seattle vs. San Francisco

    Arizona vs. Los Angeles

    Chicago vs. Minnesota

    Green Bay vs. Detroit

  5. NY Giants vs. Philadelphia


    Miami vs. Buffalo

    NY Jets vs. New England

    Tennessee vs. Jacksonville

    Minnesota vs. Green Bay

    San Diego vs. Cleveland

    Washington vs. Chicago

    Atlanta vs. Carolina

    Indianapolis vs. Oakland

    Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans

    Arizona vs. Seattle

    San Francisco vs. Los Angeles

    Cincinnati vs. Houston


    Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh

    Denver vs. Kansas City


    Detroit vs. Dallas

  6. Los Angeles vs. Seattle


    Miami vs. NY Jets


    Green Bay vs. Chicago

    Jacksonville vs. Houston

    Cleveland vs. Buffalo

    Philadelphia vs. Baltimore

    Tennessee vs. Kansas City

    Detroit vs. NY Giants

    Indianapolis vs. Minnesota

    Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati

    New Orleans vs. Arizona

    San Francisco vs. Atlanta

    Oakland vs. San Diego

    New England vs. Denver

    Tampa Bay vs. Dallas


    Carolina vs. Washington

  7. Oakland vs. Kansas City


    Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo

    Denver vs. Tennessee

    Washington vs. Philadelphia

    Arizona vs. Miami

    San Diego vs. Carolina

    Cincinnati vs. Cleveland

    Chicago vs. Detroit

    Houston vs. Indianapolis

    Minnesota vs. Jacksonville

    NY Jets vs. San Francisco 

    Atlanta vs. Los Angeles

    New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay

    Seattle vs. Green Bay

    Dallas vs. NY Giants


    Baltimore vs. New England

  8. On 12/3/2016 at 5:34 PM, Nyk33 said:




    I'll be following this news closely on Tuesday. Railhawks are announcing a name change and intent to pursue a jump to MLS. They'd need a larger stadium, too. 


    It'll be intetesting to see how this plays out, but it doesn't bode well for NASL.

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