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  1. Hey that's awesome! Would be a great look for my home territory.
  2. Can you explain this? I find their look just atrocious, and I really don't understand it. Is it based on a historic look of some sort? I agree, anotjher mis-match of previous looks and modern garbage. Helmet doens't match the colour scheme at all anymore, And the logo, just has to go. Every season I hooe and pray they come up with something new only to be dissappointed,
  3. Pant stripe pattern doesn;t match the shoulders. Kind of drives me crazy but I am OCD like that.
  4. Hell, It's impossible to have an intersquad scrimmage that doesnt feature one of those three colors much less a SCF. lol Not unless the Kings and Stars go back to their inaugural looks. i bet this matchup was absolutely gorgeous in person. Judging by the stands, no one knew what they looked like in person. Was it Jack Kent Cooke who said., there are 300,000 Canadians living in LA. And they all hate hockey.
  5. Saskatchewan Roughriders 89 Grey Cup winning field goal.
  6. The new Dallas green reads so much brighter/lighter on television to me than the actual pantone. Not sure why. It just looks brighter, no matter which TV I watch.
  7. OK - I'll bite...what shade of Green do you think the Saskatchewan Roughriders use? (Here's a hint - it's EXACTLY the same shade of Green the Stars are using now.) I've said it a 1000 times - color descriptions are purely for marketing or for fun. They really don't mean a darn thing. You can't say there's an absolute specific color for "Kelly Green". You can define a range of colors, but one person's "Kelly Green" is another person's "Emerald". Here are all of the various colors I have in my database for pro teams who identify "Kelly Green": My understanding is the Riders official pantone is 3425.
  8. I love that Darryl is wearing the advanced (for the time) Cooperalls but still using the old school skates.
  9. See, this is awesome. What is this from? It has promise, but the tail isn't right and the nose isn't right. Looks more like a dog or wolf than a coyote.
  10. Yeah... you're right. Slightly lighter colour of purple.
  11. Oh, and this crazy-ass color scheme: And yes, those colors do represent the official Sun Pantone values. I know I may have to duck after saying this, but that is an all time top five color scheme for me. Maybe top three if I sat and thought about it. I'm with you, not top five or anything, but I absolutely love that color scheme. Basically the same colour the Shreveport Pirates used in the CFL:
  12. Saskatchewan Roughriders all whites are classic:
  13. The marines love the navy. They give them a ride when there is fighting to be done.
  14. After the Ottawa Renegades folded in 2006, the Saskatchewan Roughriders got the CFL to agree to not allow the use of Roughriders (or Rough Riders, Riders, Red Riders etc) by a future expansion team, so there will never again be 2 teams with the same name in the CFL. Further the ownership group of the CFL expansion team in Ottawa has come out and said the team will likely (though they stopped short of saying 100%) will not start with R. They want to go in a new direction that the 18-35's can embrace, rather than go down the nostalgia road again. In fact, they have said Renegades is also not on their list.