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  1. Justifying ? no just not questioning it as it's not my team its his Manchester United = Red Devils Arsenal= Gunners Everton=Toffees West Brom =Baggies........ Their supporters have chants with those nicknames. I'm sure there are chants with the 'Crew' that will still be sung by the supporters (probably even louder now) but if you are a supporter and you want to jump off the bus because of this then you really aren't a true supporter are you. I believe you can buy new gear with 'The Crew' on it. Its called the Columbus Collection
  2. Is anyone telling you you can't call them the Crew? From what I can tell they are ecouraging you to still call them the crew. As far as "officiality" are you going to be arrested for calling them anything but Columbus SC-I don't think so. Although it's apples and oranges the Washington "Football Team" got rid of a disparaging team name and its litterally caught on as a possible name for the team in the future. With regards to the look of the logo for Juventus is stylized 'J' (loads of creativity there)
  3. Changing the logo without consulting the supporters right or wrong ugly or not was a choice the owner made- an owner who felt he needed to globalise the brand. He has saved the team that the supporters wanted saved he built a stadium closer to the downtown area that would help the team thrive. Have the colours changed- no. Can you still call them the Crew- yes it's encouraged. I'm not crew supporter I'm a fan of the league ( I'm a bit partial to LAFC because it's my home state) I live in England 4 blocks from Man United and see their supporters protesting against the ownership because of what they did to harm the name of the club and football in general. Supporters support the team- the colours. They should be more concerned about their strikers not scoring enough not how ugly a logo is. I can think of 2 major teams in Italy that have changed their logo recently that didn't consult the supporters in order to globalise their brand- Juventus and Inter Milan. The supporters weren't exactly happy but the colours didn't change and neither did their adopted nicknames
  4. sorry don't know the man
  5. But it isn't....move on
  6. Colorado and Kansas City will have new sposors so they may be waiting to confirm those sponsorship deals before relaesing their kit-although that didn't stop Miami - Orlando is Friday
  7. Sorry, after reading it a second time it looks more likely the case. Was just thinking though there is one "club" that bothers me the most around the world.......RedBull. New York, Salzburg and Leipzig et all.
  8. Hmm 8 working days of the week left till the reveal? lets hope they cross one off each day
  9. They will still be there to ruin the Champions League shirts. 1&1 is for the domestic league competition https://www.sportspromedia.com/news/borussia-dortmund-11-bundesliga-shirt-sponsor-evonik
  10. I'm not sure you're older than me but I don't consider the Bills red helmets classic they were white ( like now) before they were red whereas the Falcons were red before black.
  11. I'm guessing that the helmet change is for Thursday's game with Detroit and they're going to wear a throwback uni but because there was a short turnaround they had to have them done for this past Sunday
  12. Fair enough......but then we haven't seen Nashville's graphics yet and they are to play "next year" as well. They could very well bring down the whole league.
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