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  1. Personally, I like the simplicity of our (Nebraska's) logo. Also, this: Oregon was a recent Nike re-brand (late 90s / early 00s) that is instantly recognizable by any sportsfan. yeah no matter what color it is
  2. What the uniforms should have been modeled after. Nike biffed it, bigtime. Totally agree. Not sure why the difference in wordmarks between logo and chest treatment. Doesn't work at all. Well the in the Scottie Pippen foto earlier in the thread the wordmarks didn't match either in fact almost all the wordmarks differed from uniform to crest.......
  3. I read about how Reebok wanted a "new neutral" color for the NFL, and they chose pewter. The Buccaneers changed to pewter and red long before reebok took over the uniform contract
  4. I know some people are talking about abandoning the teal but if you look at the primary logo the only thing that is teal is the tounge and black is the predominate color.......just saying
  5. I love the Chiefs logo, colors, and uniforms. Maybe they opted for the grey on the shoes only because it is a neutral color. LOVE that green and especially when it is paired with navy. Does anyone else wish they would tweak that green and make it just a tad greener?? I feel like it just doesn't pop as much as it could, like someone put just a drop of brown in the paint can If it was any greener it would look like puke
  6. We have supporters from all 6 states just about all the time. Obviously, they draw plenty from Southern MA and RI, but there are a lot of us from Northern NA/Southern NH and Maine. We have people who come dwon from VT and western NH plus a bunch that come up from the Hartford area. Being New England's team is ideed a challenge due to the location of the stadium in Foxboro, but the hope is that a SSS near downtown Boston will help to draw more fans via all modes of public transportation. Plans are in the works for a SSS in Foxboro right next to Gillette Stadium. link?
  7. I'm sure nike would want to stick with changing every 2 years more opportunity to sell more product.... Heck ManUtd has had a new shirt every year for the last three (I think)
  8. North Ireland is part of Great Britain but the Republic of Ireland is not Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. "Great Britain" refers to England, Scotland, and Wales. So does Northern Ireland compete separately in the Olympics? In the Olympics the team is referred to as Great Britain not the United Kingdom.
  9. you're kidding right a 35 anniversary logo in their 36th season
  10. Without the Marlin (Jumping fish) its just a colorful M
  11. When the Winnipeg Jets saw their logo leaked, they said said "screw it", called a late-afternoon presser, and moved on with running the team. Kudos to Winnipeg for being REAL about the situation. For Miami to go to these lengths is a bit much. Way too much, in fact. However, I suppose this goes along with the Marlins' rich tradition of being a joke of a franchise. Why should the franchise scurry to release the the logo to the public because some overzealous logo enthusiasts got images and are posting it on ahead of time. Its also their right to protect the images until they want to officially release it to the public.
  12. This is the Marlins we're talking about here. Adding new seats won't add any revenue, just more empty seats. Actually less seats than Sun Life-- 37,000 that are covered from the elements which might have scared away fans because of possible rainouts and climate controlled for fans who didn't want to get baked. I think fans will come out at least for the novelty and IF (its a big one)the Marlins are playing well they might stay......
  13. No pics but the Texans Andre Johnson wears the Rawlings helmet too
  14. I like the black helmet and I think that they will put stickers on them ala Ohio State and make it even better hopefully with the right kind of sticker
  15. I'm a padres fan and it hurts me to say it but the only thing consistent with the padres is losing
  16. A circle is too complicated........
  17. Charlotte's uniform material is much different, judging by the picture. And wasn't Miami supposed to switch to the red as their road last season? I think all the uniforms with pinstripes i.e Charlotte, New Orleans and Orlando are different templates- Charlotte solid without mesh and NO and Orlando solid mesh
  18. Who's doing the math?????!!!!!!????? There are 4 eras not 3. Or are they not counting MLS yet??? NASL 197?-1983 The APSL/A League 198?-2000 USL 2001-now MLS-future Right? Or am I wrong. I think I'm right. 1997 Select League and the former American Professional Soccer League merged to form A-League under the USISL umbrella. 1999 Umbrella USISL changed its name to the modern United Soccer Leagues. So APSL/A league just changed its name not a new league
  19. yeah they are playing the sixers too
  20. ffdb38

    MLB 2009

    Both the Pirates and Astros donned Pittsburgh Bureau of Police caps for the pregame ceremonies, and the Pirates players kept the caps on for the game. Each player's jersey also had a "PBP" patch on the left sleeve.
  21. Oklahoma City Six Shooters
  22. http://www.thefa.com/England/SeniorTeam/NewsAndFeatures/Postings/2007/02/EnglandKitLaunch.htm now official
  23. here is the link from adidas....no financial details but longer than four years http://www.adidas-group.com/en/News/archiv.../2006_10_05.asp