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  1. Colorado and Kansas City will have new sposors so they may be waiting to confirm those sponsorship deals before relaesing their kit-although that didn't stop Miami - Orlando is Friday
  2. Sorry, after reading it a second time it looks more likely the case. Was just thinking though there is one "club" that bothers me the most around the world.......RedBull. New York, Salzburg and Leipzig et all.
  3. Hmm 8 working days of the week left till the reveal? lets hope they cross one off each day
  4. They will still be there to ruin the Champions League shirts. 1&1 is for the domestic league competition https://www.sportspromedia.com/news/borussia-dortmund-11-bundesliga-shirt-sponsor-evonik
  5. I'm not sure you're older than me but I don't consider the Bills red helmets classic they were white ( like now) before they were red whereas the Falcons were red before black.
  6. I'm guessing that the helmet change is for Thursday's game with Detroit and they're going to wear a throwback uni but because there was a short turnaround they had to have them done for this past Sunday
  7. Fair enough......but then we haven't seen Nashville's graphics yet and they are to play "next year" as well. They could very well bring down the whole league.
  8. Except Miami isn't playing next year..... Just saying
  9. Lets hope the action is better than the aesthetics
  10. Doug Williams, Brian Sipe come to mind ......yeah I'm old school
  11. https://news.nike.com/news/usa-soccer-federation-2018-collection
  12. The knitted ones are actually to wear around the Olympic village there is a technical jacket that has the stitching pattern superimposed on jacket like material to give the effect of a sweater
  13. Dynamo's official reveal isn't till the 20th maybe they'll secure a new sponsor by then
  14. Sorry not trying to offend just a little English humour
  15. Leeds doesn't have 10000 supporters
  16. ffdb38

    NHL 2017-18

    Yeah and there's one in Phoenix Arizona what's your point?
  17. rephrase not vote for a modern stadium
  18. Hornets jersey was released last year