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  1. Ahhh, was just looking at the main/helmet logo. Apologies!
  2. Pretty sure the logo on his sweatshirt and the box IS the new logo. If you notice, it is slightly different than the current logo. The current "J" is bigger than the other letters, like it's capatalized. All the letters are the same height in the teaser video. It also seems a bit more "cleaned up" and the letters spaced closer. It's especially noticable where the top of the T meets the S. No insider info from me, just an observation....
  3. The sock striping should match the pants striping for Washington.
  4. Can anyone recommend a place that can change nameplates? I have a pro Roy Williams jersey that I paid over $200 for last year, and now that he's changed his # from 31 to 38, is practically worthless. If it's a local (NJ) place, great, or I would be OK with sending it out to the right place if it's highly recommended. Can't wait to wear my new Mike Jenkins jersey with pride! LOL
  5. 3. Chargers 2. Cowboys 1. Broncos If the Cowboys wore their white helmet, like they do with the throwbacks today, they would go to 1 and drop the Broncos to 2. Worst is a tie between the Bears and Steelers....those stripes are god-awful!
  6. How do you create new uniforms with the existing team logos in Madden? Whenever I create my own uniforms, it only gives me the option to use the "generic" logos (same logos as create a team), not the team's current or historical logos. Those yellow Steelers helmets look wicked!!!
  7. It annoys me to no end that I can only pick my own team's uniforms. Half a throwback game is ridiculous. Besides, since you play other teams in your division around 19x a year, that means you have to look at the same uniforms over and over again. Not only that, but I played against Boston last night, and Boston takes the field in their road grays....and to my dismay, they had "Red Sox" across the chest! How difficult is it to get the Red Sox uniform right?!?!?!?