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  1. I think the Astros need an "away" hat in navy with your redesigned A-"star" logo. Also, the alternate white unis should be the home jersey, with navy as the alternate.
  2. Yeah but in the proud tradition of other sports teams based in Macon GA, (the "Macon Whoopee", the "Macon Trax",) they should have gone with the "Macon Bacon" and had a bad-ass pig with a football as the logo.
  3. I couldn't stop laughing at this "logo" when it first came out then...now that it's been brought back out, I can't stop laughing at it now! Dumbledore is back and he's ready for some FOOTBALL!
  4. I know. One's a German metal band, the other, British punks!
  5. Logos and uniforms I like and/or feel nostalgic for: The Senators alternate set with the gold stripes and black laurel leaves. I bought one of these in the third period at a game at the Corel Centre against the Habs and the Sens responded by coming back and winning the game in OT. The Rangers' Mike Richter Mask NYR/Lady Liberty logo. One of the classiest hockey shields and a victim of Reebok's "templatization. The Atlanta Hawks red-and-yellow 80s uniforms. Always liked the curving white bar on the front with "Hawks" on it. Unique. The Ravens winged B "Lawsuit" logo--much better than the current piece of bird barf. The Kings "Burger King" logo--in the center of a white or purple sweater it might have worked. but the jersey with the offeset crest was ugmo. That's all I got.
  6. What about the Canucks "Skate on a Plate" and the old Ottawa Senators "Sleeping Guard" (the logo in profile) and who could forget the Rangers' "Lady Liberty"
  7. Bowling Green Lebowskis Bowling Green Dudes Bowling Green Walter Sobchaks (they don't roll on Shabbas!)
  8. My suggestion for the Texans name the team contest was the Houston WHAPs as in Houston, We Have A Problems. That said I voted for Apollos. With a big green Star Trek hand on the helmet.
  9. The nascent OKC Thunder should...nay must adopt the following colors: Lime green jerseys, Royal Blue numbers Yellow and white trim. Long live the WLAF!
  10. Oklahoma City Twisters Oklahoma City YeeHa's Oklahoma City Golden Wave Oklahoma City Prairie Dogs Oklahoma City Prairie Wind Oklahoma City Tribe
  11. NFL: Jaguars MLB: Blue Jays NHL: Flyers NBA: GS Warriors MLS: Red Bull NY WNBA: Phoenix Mercury
  12. Yeah. Bell does sound like a phone company. But the bell-shaped patch has possibilities I think. How about: Philadelphia Philadelphians Philadelphia Athletic Support Philadelphia Fallen (Denzel Washington movie, set in Philadelphia...the OTHER one) Philadelphia Turf Bullies Philadelphia Genos And of course the Chester Molesters.
  13. In light of the MLS tradition of non-plural team names they should revive one of the classics from the old World Football League. That's right! The Philadelphia Bell! Might need to tweak it a bit but the colors are OK.
  14. The Y looks like the old Yakima Bears.