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  1. These are really nice and simple. Can you make an Iraq one? I'm pullin for em in the Asian Cup.
  2. When you wear it on sleeves, the field of stars faces forward. The military does this so the stars always face the enemy. It shows the flag in forward motion. The military does it, Team USA did it at the WBC, and you'll see it on ambulances alot.
  3. Has anyone noticed the Super Bowl XLII comments? Good stuff. User submitted facts about this logo: This Logo Really Sux!!! We're in the year 2007, not 1971! It looks like it was drawn by a 2 year old. Posted by Bubba J on February 18, 2007 i think that the design itself isnt bad but i think that the colors should be changed because they suck Posted by Barbra Bush on February 18, 2007 Wow... that's one of the worst Super Bowl logos in a long time. Disappointing. Posted by Jordan on February 18, 2007 The turqoise color for the roman numerals are supposed to represent the native american heritage throughout arizona. Posted by Tyler on February 18, 2007 It is a great logo Posted by Football Fan on February 18, 2007
  4. I didn't realize this was so popular. I got one because both my grandpa's worked in NYC Sanitation.
  5. I'm really liking the stripe placement. Change the white on the collar to silver and it'll be great.
  6. You have two different stripe patterns on your shoulders.
  7. You mean USF. UCF's our rivals(-ish). The helmets are the only part of the uniform I don't like. It's been brought up before here, but it's the only place black is used in the uniform. I saw a concept somewhere that used an SF logo on the helmet, which I thought was pretty nice, I'd like to see an SF as a tertiary mark. Nice thing about this game though was we had 'USF' in an endzone, not Buccaneers.
  8. France is sometimes known as L'Hexagone (The Hexagon) because of it's shape.
  9. I didn't think I was going to spark that much debate, but there's been other teams that have folded after the initial year that put out a respectable face for themselves and the league. Things like this make the af2, and all of indoor football, which is still very bush league, look really bad. It dosen't show any desire to show people that the af2 is a legitimate league, all it's got going for it is it's AFL tie. What would you think if you just discovered the af2 and you see that abomination. Depriving a city of a team because the ownership and the af2 have no sense is a little harsh in retrospect, but it really makes the league and the team look unprofessional. I was thinking about the Burn, too. I like the imagery. I think it's because of Pokemon. Ponyta.
  10. I'm not sure where this topic is supposed to go, so please move it if I'm wrong. I remember going to a website a while back that had poll rankings all the way back to when it was just the Ivy League teams and every bowl game there was. It was extremely in-depth and had histories for all the I-A teams and it was amazing and that's all I can remember but now I can't find it. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please send me in it's direction. Thanks.
  11. Surge, Joes, Jolt, and Sparks are the choices. It's at
  12. The Italian soccer team U.S. Città di Palermo uses pink and black as their colors and are the only pro soccer team (pro anything?) to use this combination. They originally used red and blue but were changed in 1907 after the pink and black suggestion from count Giusppe Airoldi. He thought "the colors of the sweet and the sad" would be appropriate for a team that was then characterized by results "as up and down as a Swiss clock".
  13. Kilomile

    Oakland A's

    The Giants do have a MiLB affiliate in San Jose. The San Jose Giants.
  14. Those do look good, minus the hilariously unfitting ABA ball. Those would be beautiful without it.