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  1. The Arena Football league officially released the ArenaBowl XXVII logo for this years championship.
  2. Looks like the Barnstormers are going BFBS including a change to the ICONIC helmets the team has worn from day one. #BringBackTheGold
  3. The Alouettes unveiled the name and logo for their new Fan Club.
  4. The Ti-Cats released the logos for the final season at Ivor Wynne Stadium. Here is the story that accompanied the logos:
  5. reppact

    CFL 2012

    This looks SO Peewee football. What was wrong with the other word mark? Bad bad bad.
  6. reppact

    CFL 2012

    New helmet tweeted early by a reporter from the Winnipeg Free Press.
  7. reppact

    CFL 2012

    Bombers will unveil new logo and helmets tomorrow at 12:30 according to TSNonCFL and CFL on twitter.
  8. It may be the same template as the VooDoo, but I love these. Especially the "Carolina Blue" matte helmets and blue jerseys.
  9. VooDoo unveiled their new uniforms for 2012. I HATE that they dropped purple as a primary color on the unis. Downgrade.
  10. Pictures have been released for the new 2012 Arizona Rattlers home and away helmets, plus the new uniforms.
  11. Arizona should just go back to copper helmets. Why they dropped a very unique, iconic helmet for an extremely overdone, generic black helmet is beyond me. I'm not a Rattler fan but it still ticks me off. I have actually heard that Zona will be going with TWO helmets this year. One black with the "R-snake" logo and copper with a new secondary logo.
  12. Looks like Tim Horton's has expanded beyond the 8-team CFL Tim Card set from this past season. Now available at local Tim Horton's and online are Tim cards for all 30-teams. Including one with all NHL logos and bilingual cards for Montreal and the NHL team logo cards. Here is an example of a few: If they can't be found in your market, they can be bought online with $15 on them.
  13. From the Rattlers home page: First the iconic Copper helmets gone, now this?
  14. OH NO! ( You know where this is going...)
  15. Love it! Can you make one at 640x480 for android phones?