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  1. ASU going G/M/M with the big fork helmet and gold socks in the Vegas Bowl. I'm hearing that Fresno is going all Navy (They've been wearing their navy jerseys with the bowl patch for the pre-bowl activities this week.) Has there ever been a Maroon v Navy uniform matchup before?
  2. Hard to tell in this pic, but it's there. Hand is covering the star
  3. Didn't see this posted anywhere, but the DBacks also went with the original "D" logo on the purple helmet for this game. Wish they could have matched the purple from then, but hey, I was just stoked to see the right logo on it. 2018: 1998:
  4. Here were all four looks for the opening series this weekend. Two cream, one maroon, then one all white. Love them all. Note the weird panel running down the leg; probably just an Adidas thing for the teams they outfit this year. I know it's early, but it's a shame they aren't playing as good as they look right now.
  5. As was stated earlier, ASU going stormtrooper at UCLA. Homage to the 2013 Pac 12 South clinching win.
  6. ASU going G/M/M for USC. Breaking out Sparky for homecoming! And I believe it's the first time for gold socks?
  7. There's a uniform that's been floating around the last week or so that is being sold at one of the on-campus shops. Somebody posted this one that they picked up. I was sort of skeptical that it could be a fashion jersey, but I think this could be worn against Colorado in their "Salute to Service" game. The Pac 12 patch on there makes me think it could be legit, as I've never seen that on any other replica jersey before. Not sure what helmet and pants it would be yet, but it's something to look out for in the next couple weeks leading up to that game.
  8. ASU going G/W/M again at Utah. Second time this year. So that bring the count to: G/M/G - 3 games, G/W/M - 2 games, M/M/M - 1 game, B/B/B - 1 game The athletic department has really put a stranglehold on the creativity this year. I remember when this news came out in December that they would use more maroon and gold (ASU uniforms to primarily be maroon and gold), but I didn't think it was going to be this restrained. Don't get me wrong, I love me some maroon and gold and the traditional combos, but there are different ways you can incorporate the colors and bring some variety.
  9. ASU going with a Blackout this weekend against UDub.
  10. ASU going G/W/M at Stanford for Saturday afternoon.
  11. ASU going all maroon against Oregon. Big fork on the helmet with number on the other side.
  12. Texas Tech is doing a whiteout at home this week, so ASU is wearing their G/M/G with traditional pitchforks on the helmets. 3-for-3 in games so far going G/M/G.
  13. I'm pretty sure this is just a graphic announcing what each game is going to be and what the fans should wear, not the actual combos for the games. The first home game of the year under Graham has always been the traditional G/M/G look, and the ASU equipment page posted yesterday the Gold game helmets with the maroon pitchforks that they've been preparing already for the NMSU game. I have heard rumors of a throwback uni for the SDSU game in honor of legendary coach Frank Kush. (If true, I'm hoping for something from the early 70's. And note the "Sunburst" logo on the back of the helmets above. Pretty sure this is a Frank Kush memorial patch. Haven't been able to find a clearer picture of it yet.) They also have been wearing their "Desert Hammer" and "Desert Ice" pants in practice all off-season, so I am hoping this means they are being retired and maybe a new set of copper uniforms will be introduced.
  14. Uniformity: Week 8 ASU vs. Wazzu (via twitter from @sundevilcole7 and @ASU_Uniformity) ASU is breaking out the Sparky helmets and pants for homecoming this weekend! They will be honoring the 1987 Rose Bowl team (which beat a Michigan team with Jim Harbaugh at QB) at the game. I wish they would have busted out a form of the 1987 uniform: or at least brought back the Tillman jersey (minus the camo) from last year to go full throwback, but this is still an awesome combination. Honestly should be what they wear every week if they want to combine some eras together. With the way the shoulder stripes are of the new maroon jersey and Sparky helmet and pants though, it does have some shades of the short-lived "sabre" side panel uniform from 2003. I think were probably the worst uniforms the team has ever worn.... Anyway, I'm definitely a huge fan of the uniform this week. Would not be mad at all if all the other decals and helmets mysteriously disappeared from the equipment room the rest of the year.