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  1. Hey, what font are you using? I would love to use it for a concept
  2. If you want to look at what the Yankees would do. look no further than the Tigers.
  3. Also I believe MLB is violating the flag code...There's that.
  4. It is indeed Chinese. Good thing for me, it lasts longer this way. I tend to buy a size bigger so that they last longer when they do shrink
  5. I scored a red Expos hat from Lids the other day and for a 7 3/4 it seemed like a 7 5/8. Also got the teal Marlins one as well.
  6. Noir

    MLB Changes 2017

    The league offices were abolished in 1999. The Leagues themselves are still in existence.
  7. David was a LOT of things, suffering from dementia was not one of them.
  8. Cheapest i've gotten an authentic for was for 10 on ebay. (Strasburg rookie edition and a Tigers Prince Fielder) I just got lucky
  9. Noir

    Noir's MLB

    HHere's the LA teams, Miami and Milwauee
  10. Noir

    Noir's MLB

    Here's the next Round: Houston and Kansas City
  11. Noir

    Noir's MLB

    Hey guys, I appreciate the feedback, the next round is going to be great. jrcollis, that gray is actually the RGB value of Fenway Green.
  12. Noir

    Noir's MLB

    I love the Braves branding, but i figured I would explore the Home of the Braves part a bit more, this is what i came up with. Cleveland i didn't like so much, as I wanted to get rid of all Native American imagery. Arizona was a mashup of uniform scripts and that red is actually a dark copper that i saw on a patch of a jersey that I have for them