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  1. Drink some herbal tea. If they kept the double E, thats excellent.
  2. I thought Elks was chosen because begins with an E, great way to keep the classic double E, but they ditch the EE. Not sure I understand what they did, The new logo is OK, the helmet is a bit dull IMHO.
  3. In my entire life, and I'm rather old, I've seen lots and lots of jerseys, logos etc. By far and I mean very very very far, the Boston yellow thing is the most ugly, horrible, bad, stupid, no taste, disgraceful, hideous, unlovely, displeasing, disagreeable piece of garbage I've ever seen.
  4. The team wants a bilingual name and Impact fits this bill. Olympique in french, Olympic in english? Also problems with Olympique are Marseille Olympique trademark + the spelling, Heck, would've been OM Olympique de Marseille, Olympique de Montréal. I dont understand ditching Impact name, not perfect, but still, that team went to semi finals againts Torontoes not that long ago.. Bad move IMHO but hey, with the year they had, I mean, I dont follow em anymore, I'm fed up.
  5. Its all right Gonna be fun to see who's gonna chip in.
  6. Montreal FC? Ya, beginning of the end IMHO.
  7. The WAS reverse retro jersey should be their primary. I hate the figure skating costume they wear.
  8. If I can add something The logo opens doors the another name if the Kraken thing doesnt work, which I doubt. I dont live in Seattle, not even in USA and like the coolness of it. In case doesnt fit, you can change to seawolves or anything sea related. Dont even have to begin by S.
  9. OK I'm minority Love the name Kraken, enough of those Panthers, Ducks, Coyotes blablah names. Kraken involves agressivity, terror, mystery. I like the idea. Its out of the box for me, like it. The logo est outstanding. The jersey need work IMHO.
  10. Well football team name for the capital city of the biggest democratic country of the world, thats very special. have nothing against Warriors, Red this or Red that, but, I mean, doesnt sounds for me. My taste would be an out of the box name and concept, but I doubt the NFL and the Wash owners will go that way. Washington Freemen Washington Liberty Washington Force Want to pay tribute to the army? Washington Airborne
  11. Theres nothing wrong going out of the box. Despite being a traditionalist, I love the helmet, its the perfect mix between their history and an fresh start. The home unis are fine. Numbers fonts? Why not, like em. The white unis are a step in a risk zone. I'd wait to watch em on the field before judging, lets say they are strange at first sight. Cheers!
  12. Bit deception. I'd gone with the concorde shape all over the place, would hve been very speedy and bit retro at same time. But, could have been worst.
  13. I dont remember at all those jerseys. Wore probably one time.
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