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  1. I love this look!! 100% upgrade no black numbers or sleeves. Thank you!
  2. Anyone remember the 90's Miami Heat court? I cant find pictures but I loved the hardwood finish of that court. I though it had dark streaks across the floor or something like that.
  3. Agreed. This set has been worn since '97 and they won 3 Superbowls in 4 appearances. yet the old set they lost all their superbowls. But they still made the Superbowl several times with both sets!!! Despite losing, they still made the superbowl multiple times!
  4. It would be great to have the Broncos in orange and Panthers in all white. They would both play in the Superbowl wearing the combos that they won the conference titles in!
  5. Sorry of its been added earlier, but these are growing on me...
  6. I love how the Bulls switched the piping and diamond on the new road black unis.
  7. The bulls are wearing the new alt against the suns tonight. I like it a lot actually and most importantly It MATCHES this time lol.
  8. It's an ok jersey compared to what's out there, and they pull off black sleeved a hell of a lot better than the Wolves or Lakers. However, I wish they would just bring back the hardwood classic black pinstripe unis.
  9. I remember those! Atlanta used to wear so many combos during the Vick era. I loved the all black combo. Hell, we haven't even seen the original black top white pants combo from the '05 set in years. It looked Very much like the Cardinals current black alt.
  10. Wow...another BLUE alternate for Dallas.....ZZZ
  11. The marlins wore these often in the 2003 playoffs and the world series