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  1. Overall i rank it as a lateral move. Jerseys are fine but like most here I agree the word mark and WCF on the sleeves should go. Grey uniforms for your COLOR Rush uniform is an odd choice. Where the really messed up is on the helmet. They went from having helmet strips that were too thin to stripes that are too wide. Plus they should have some white on the stripping. They also should have had the blue outline around their logo be their new dark grey or just had the logo outlined in white. Also, Is it just me or is the facemask actually silver? It looks to shiny for grey and it certainly doesn't look chrome. If it is silver that would be a first. I give the a B-. not bad considering.
  2. has not set their status

  3. I'm a ChiSox fan and that sight makes me cringe every time.Do you have any idea how many ignorant rednecks are Packers fans? grow up dude...Wow...no need for the racism, "dude"! Ignorant rednecks are now a race?Or, did you mean that packer fans are now a race?There was no racism in what the poster said about cringing after seeing Obama in a ChiSox jersey. People need to get off the "everything is racist if you say anything about Obama". Maybe he cringes because Obama's left-handed. Who knows....? That is just as silly a statement as saying the OP is racist because he cringes seeing Obama in a ChiSox jersey and cap. Grow up. Obamas left handed? Why am I not suprised.
  4. Nothing wrong with that--that's how I remember him. When was he with the Argos? Was it a situation where money lured him, or something that he did as his career winded down to keep playing? Yes it was money. He left St. Louis at the peak of his career. You can learn more here. http://www.geocities.com/cfl_historical/MetcalfTerry.htm It's a pretty cool site if your interested in the CFL eh!
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