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  1. So, why did you bother faking this? This was never up on NHL shop.
  2. They just charge what they can get. The materials used on the actual authentics do not cost $300. We pay for the licensing, not the material.
  3. When Reebok first took over, the original made in Canada Edge jerseys, now known as the Edge 1.0, were made available to fans. These co tinted to be sold to fans for a few years, while the players began wearing the Edge 2.0 about halfway into the first season of the Edge jerseys. A couple of years later, Reebok began selling the Indo Edge jersey to fans as their authentics. It was a couple of years after that when the 2.0 became available to fans. That said, all of these retail options look like crap if you are used to the on ice authentics. I will be buying game worn/ issued from the teams I am interested in.
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