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  1. tprid13

    Phoenix Suns

    As a long time Suns fan I can truly say that these are awesome! It's what they should be wearing now. I like the more purplish logo with the full team name. The "PHX" is a good alternate logo but not the main one. I agree with BringBack with regards the "u" & the "n" being the reverse of each other. Nice touch. Also like the idea of losing the halo's (never understood that) and the gray. These are well done!
  2. I like your idea of a AAA basketball league. I've lived in the Seattle area for 5 years now. The one thing I know is that this city loved it's Supersonics and hated losing them. If in reality you could actually bring in a minor league here, there is no way the fans here would allow you to name them the Supersonics. They want that name back when the NBA returns. Just a friendly FYI. Do with it as you will. I do like the Jets name though. I like your Tropics & Imperials logos. I don't care for the color combo on the Outlaws. It's not "outlaw" tough. I look forward to your Conquistadors logo.