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  1. I really can't tell - it's not this, is it? I don't think so... I think this logo uses an actual lion-skin tone, but its hard to tell... UPDATE: Check out this photo: This photo too... hmmm.... Yeah its the top half of a leaping lion, with brown and tan coloring. Then a blue and silver stripe, then detroit lions written underneath it.
  2. Hahaha I laughed so hard. I bought one as soon as I saw it.
  3. I loved those Jets jerseys, but it was weird seeing him as a Jet!
  4. Haha, I had a shirt with some of the Tigers from the early 90's. I have a picture somewhere of it, when I find it I'll scan it. I think it had Cecil Feilder, Rob Deer, and Mickey Tettleton. I can not wait to find it and see who is actually on it.
  5. Yeah that makes sense. Looking back at some pics I see the Cardinals, Orioles, Angels, Red Sox, and I think the Padres had it on the left sleeve.
  6. Why are the Tigers the ones wearing the patches on their left sleeve? They don't have anything on their right sleeve to prevent it from being there. I didn't notice anyone else like that.
  7. Yeah, from what I can remember from older headshots the Lions used to do this all the time. At least when Barry was around. I used to have some old media guides from the 90's and they were like that.
  8. Thanks for the Barry Sanders Sig. That looks awesome!
  9. 1994 Scott Baldwin #32 West Michigan Whitecaps Home Jersey 1996 Keyshawn Johnson #19 New York Jets Home Jersey (Kelly Green) 1999 Sedrick Irvin #33 Detroit Lions Home Jersey 1994 Craig Johnson #14 USA Olympic Hockey Jersey (White) 2002 Charles Pauley #10 San Jose State University Away Jersey
  10. I have an odd one, can you do a Wade Dubielewicz sig? Thanks alot
  11. Here's what I've come up with so far for a secondary logo. I'm still playing around with it. Any suggestions?
  12. I see what your talking about, thats a good idea. I'll give it a shot tonight. Thanks Bigboy.
  13. I made this logo for my mens rec league hockey team. We are getting sponsored by the bar we hang out at (cuz were such good patrons). I based the logo off of the Islanders lighthouse logo because, 1)we are going to wear islanders jerseys and 2)Most of us on the team are Islanders fans. So here it is, simply, LONDON PUB. Tell me waht you think
  14. I made this for the hockey team I play on.