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  1. I won't fault them, (The Diamondbacks), for doing something that hasn't been done before. They are a team that can get away with it. I wish they had incorporated teal into all uniforms. It is either a team color, or it isn't. The red sublimation at the bottom of the pants is, well, interesting. Maybe I have seen too many horror/slasher films, but those pants look like they are soaked, and spattered in blood to me! That was my first take when seeing the back of the pants. Anyone else see that, or am I the only one who thinks they look like a crime scene?
  2. It isn't just the removal of the Friar from the jersey, it's the complete removal that I don't like, if in fact that's true. I suggested that the Friar could wear brown on a logo, as well as a sleeve patch. Wrote a friendly e-mail to the appropriate people to suggest as much.(Not pretending that they would care what I had to say). Point being that it would be a small touch, such as the Royals' gold crown, the Dodgers' red front number, and the Pirates' red bandana. It could have tied the eras together, and really, provided some context on why exactly they have a brown jersey and cap in their rotation. Their solution: Get rid of the Friar altogether, and also remove "Padres" from the home jerseys.
  3. In reference to the D-Backs "teal", I have always called it "turquoise", because I thought that was their intent in using the color. To kind of represent the strong Native American influence in the State of AZ, (design,art, jewelry, etc..) Anyway, I am excited to see what they have done. The Padres, on the other hand, have got me scratching my head. On one hand, I am thrilled with the fauxback. On the other, I'm a little uneasy that for the first time in their history, the word "Padres" will not appear on the home whites, and once again, the Swinging Friar has left the building. Curious as to their thought process here.
  4. This is cracking me up, haha. We are like kids waiting for Christmas:)
  5. Nordiques, last question from me:), then I will just wait for the unveilings. You said the Swinging Friar is gone from the home jersey for the Pads. Is he still part of the logo package? If so, any change to him? Thanks very much
  6. I can't wait to see what Arizona is doing, but I think leaving turquoise out of some combinations is a mistake. If I understand correctly, sometimes they will be_______, and other times they will be _______? They have decided to bring it back because they think it is a tie to the original look and fans will like it. Why not do it up right??
  7. Just wondering aloud...... is the Swinging Friar still monochromatic? Just blue on white? Or not to give too much away, will the Padres logos change at all?
  8. I will say that if the Padres were going to go to the trouble of adding yellow, they should have included it on the road and alt somewhere. That road is one of the most bland unis in the league. Happy about the fauxback though! Two questions I have for Go Nordiques, (and thanks for all the hints and info. This is always a fun time of year to find out what teams will do with their branding:) Especially since S.D. and Arizona are teams that I like. 1. Does the Padres' home script stay the same? 2. Do the Home and Fauxback have the same font? Thanks! Any info is appreciated:)
  9. I think TVIXX got it........ I too, think the Diamondbacks will just reintroduce Copper to go along with Sedona red and black. Purple and red together don't work at all, but if they work in some turquoise, I am more than cool with that. I like that comment about the Padres' alt "Making your blue eyes brown". Nice Thanks, Pads. It's a start.
  10. I loved the Dierker-Bagwell-Biggio era Astros uniform. Just navy blue, gold and white. I think the metallic worked well for it. Just my opinion. It got me thinking about the Astros, and all the looks they have had. Did that particular look, with the use of metallic gold, the futuristic font, and the abstract star logo, convey their brand better than anything else they have ever worn? Is it the "Astro-iest" Astros look ever? For me, I think it is. At least it goes to show what a great font and logo can do for an otherwise very simple look.
  11. Not only navy crown/red bill for the Angels, but I would like a yellow halo as well. I always thought that tied the look together. That little amount of yellow seemed to really set it apart from all the other navy/red teams.
  12. Right on . Both are tremendous, traditional, yet outside the box looks. Instantly recognizable brands. San Diego won't ever return to brown full time, but I have a gut feeling that the purple/turquoise/copper look is gaining steam again, and getting some traction in Arizona. We will see Even if Arizona doesn't want to go back to purple, I'd love to see a teal/copper/black color scheme, much like the Rattlers used to use. That would be nice. And bring back the unique snaky sleeve-end trim while they are at it. Shame all of that was lost when they became the "D-Backs" and got rid of all things from the Colangelo regime.
  13. Right on . Both are tremendous, traditional, yet outside the box looks. Instantly recognizable brands. San Diego won't ever return to brown full time, but I have a gut feeling that the purple/turquoise/copper look is gaining steam again, and getting some traction in Arizona. We will see
  14. This topic reminded me for some reason of the lyrics in a Neil Diamond song. "L.A.'s fine, but it ain't home, New York's home, but it ain't mine no more".
  15. I'm fairly certain the Colts would be run out of town on a rail in that event. Overall, my take on this is that many fans in the new city embrace the history after a move, but few fans in the old city maintain any connection (at least not regarding the current team). To follow OnWis97's point, some of my favorite NFL memories from my childhood involve the Baltimore Colts. I grew up in the Bert Jones/Lydell Mitchell/Roger Carr era and still have fond memories of those teams. I also have strong positive feelings for the Colts of the 50s and 60s even though they are from before my time (or at least my memory, since I was born in 1967). I also still cringe when Super Bowl III is mentioned even though I wasn't even 2 then. None of that is likely to change even though the Colts have been gone for 32 years and the Ravens have been in town for more of my lifetime than the Colts. All that said, none of those feelings followed the Colts to Indianapolis. Instead, like most other Baltimoreans, I was ready to put out a bounty on Bob Irsay and hoped the Colts would go 1-15 in perpetuity. The move extinguished any connection I had going forward. I am also very aware of the Orioles' history as the St. Louis Browns. In that case, there isn't much history to embrace. Therefore, I don't spend much time thinking about team/franchise greats George Sisler and Urban Shocker. I guess that at least somewhat contradicts my point about fans in the new city embracing the history. However, I suspect if a team with an more distinguished history had moved to Baltimore, I might have embraced the history a little more closely. Exactly. Your memories of the Colts are when they played in your city. They were no longer your team when they moved to Indianapolis. When a team skips town, it is hard to ignore, and harder to forgive.