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  1. No question Leffler mangled this one. It's a shame because Stevenson has a lot happening athletically. Nationally ranked lax team, a new football program, a new gymnasium and a new football stadium in the works. And now this joke of a logo is going to be plastered all over everything. Criminal. I wouldn't be surprised if the horse was a reject from one of the Preakness jobs they worked on.
  2. Don't fall too in love with the all orange look. A couple of quotes from Showalter in The Sun today: "Probably the worst thing we have going for us is these orange unis. I'll break out the jacket tonight, I'll tell you that." And "Take a picture because you won't see them again."
  3. It's certainly on the same level of crapiness but a place in Baltimore called North Charles Street Design was the culprit for Randolph's logo. They typically design viewbooks and brochures for colleges. They should stick to their bread and butter.
  4. I'm not sure what's worse ? that the design agency thought this was good enough to present or that the school signed off on it. Send that horse to the glue factory!
  5. Does anyone know the sans serif font EA Sports is currently using on Madden 2007 and NCAA 07 Football? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/B0...42&s=videogames
  6. Towson University has a solid alternative to Pacific and Missouri's tiger. http://www.towsontigers.com/