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    The flying sock, the Sox batter, the 80's Mad Cub, 92 Chicago Bears Alt., Blackhawks shoulder patch, Chicago Enforcers, Oakland Raiders, TB Bucs flag and boat, Saints fleur-de-lis, Hornets fleur-de-bee, 1st Magic logo & Mighty Ducks logo & script
  1. Illinois-The Prairie State The closest any team gets to using the name is the Illinois-Springfield Prairie Stars, probably the second closest is the old Bloomington Prairie Thunder. Of course there's always usage of the cardinal, the state bird used for Illinois State's Redbird (named as such because they didn't want to be confused to the team from St. Louis... just go with it)
  2. I'm partial to teams from Chicago, Tampa & Toronto for everyone else.. NHL-Winnipeg Jets, Minnesota North Stars, Atlanta Thrashers, Atlanta Flames, Calgary Flames, Hartford Whalers, San Jose Sharks, L.A. Kings, Philadelphia Flyers, New York Rangers, New York Islanders, Carolina Hurricanes, Detroit Red Wings w/ Chicago Blackhawks, Tampa Bay Lightning & Toronto Maple Leafs NFL-Oakland Raiders, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, LA Raiders, Green Bay Packers, Titans of New York, Baltimore Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns w/ Chicago Bears & Tampa Bay Buccaneers MLB-Brooklyn Dodgers, Milwaukee Brewers, Kansas City Royals, Philadelphia Phillies, LA Dodgers, California Angels w/ Chicago Cubs (sorry Chi Sox) & Tampa Bay Devil Rays NBA-Kansas City Kings, Rochester Royals, Capitol City Bullets, Baltimore Bullets, Seattle Supersonics, Charlotte Hornets, Vancouver Grizzlies, LA Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Mavericks w/ Chicago Bulls & Toronto Raptors
  3. All according to Wikipedia Cincinnati Bengals - (Wanted to keep the C.B. initials perhaps. Cincinnati is noted for their zoo, which I'm sure includes tigers, perhaps bengal tigers at that...) Named after another team originally named the Bengals. Founder Paul Brown named after the old team to "to give it a link with past professional football in Cincinnati" Indianapolis Colts - (Were from Baltimore. Indianapolis 500 racing, colts are horses & horses race ::shrugs A team that had traveled the country after beginning as the Dayton Triangles, after the Dallas Texans (NFL) dissolved the team took the teams nickname the "Colts" and the Texans colors are blue and white Tennessee Titans - (Good alliteration again.) Originally the Houston/Nashville/Tennessee Oilers, renamed Titans inspired by its nickname "Athens of the South," its full-scale replica of the Parthenon and its number of colleges Jacksonville Jaguars - (More alliteration, though I don't associate jaguars being in Florida.) Named right out of the gate San Diego Chargers - (Generic nickname, they were L.A. for a year, and might be again...) Naming contest winner Oakland Raiders - (Raiders are pirates, they are near the bay, so that could fit I suppose). Naming contest loser, oddly enough. Originally was going to be named Senors then after ridicule became "Raiders" K.C. Chiefs (Some alliteration. Not sure if K.C. had a big indian population but I suppose they did as it was midwest) Originally the Dallas Texans (AFL), naming contest winner Washington Redskins - (Seems odd that the city that spoon feeds us "political correctness" has the most politically incorrect nickname perhaps in all of sport. I again do not associate native americans with our nation's capitol). Established in Boston as the Braves, inspired by its baseball co-tenant, rechristened as "Redskins" to honor fallen coach Chicago Bears - (Baseball has Cubs, football players are bigger, hence the name Bears. Makes sense in that context, but again I don't associate bears in Chicago. Denver, yes.) Was a co-tenant with the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field and played there as recent as 1970. The name was inspired by Cubs. Detroit Lions - (They are bigger than tigers. Wolverine state). Renamed Detroit Lions as nod to Tigers baseball. Lions are seen as monarch of the animal kingdom hence they will be the monarchs of the NFL, formerly the Portsmouth Spartans Carolina Panthers - (Generic nickname, could work in any city I suppose). Seems to have been named out of the gate St. Louis Rams - (Even when they were the LA or Cleveland Rams, it's a generic nickname to me. Montana Rams makes more sense, I picture rams being mountain dwellers...) Just named out of the gate Arizona Cardinals - (Other than Catholic priests of that very high order, are there any actual cardinals in the state of Arizona?) Named after uniform. Owner bought old University of Chicago Maroon jerseys when commented its color the owner said "it's not maroon, its cardinal red" the name stuck
  4. I had no idea about about the school's lakefront property but I'd jump on it. Designed in a way that captures the lakefront winds like the new Soldier Field and you have a potential homefield advantage. Also having a view like this gets the alumni to come back and extend their fanbase to more of Chicago, especially if the team continues to win and the stadium looks better than Soldier Field.
  5. I don't like it. District of Columbia Wizards, District of Columbia Nationals, District of Columbia Capitals and District of Columbia Redskins just don't sound right. in before "Anything Redskins doesn't sound right". We know. That's another topic. It could work. instead of saying the "District of Columbia" just say "D.C." DiC Wizards, DC Nationals, DC Capitals or DC Redskins. There already exists a DC United. Also, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim -> California Angels. KISS
  6. Love the pinstripe-less uniforms and love that you removed the extra silver from the black jersey for a streamlined look. It was also cool you brought back the second-gen Reinsdorf-era "White Sox" typeface. It was a pretty decent look, however given the history of the Old English Sox logo it makes sense why it was let go of. Nice to see a modern return. The only flaws I see with the white on white on white look is contrast, especially during day games. The grey on white look on the away jersey, a nice nod to the '69 and '70, also has the problem of contrast compared to today's jerseys and might look off on tv. Other than those, you have great set with nice changes to the overall look of the team. Great work.
  7. This was something I had for a while and I just wanted to gauge ideas on it. I know the concept is old but, why not? Anyway of all the concept none hark back to the team's early 90's inception. I figure why not add the new and the old together?
  8. My first image download. Tell me what you think?
  9. I would love to see if anyone could apply the flying sock to the White Sox. Especially with the red border.
  10. I like the I-Chief. It harkens back to the past without "going there." If any team needs a revamp of their logos its Illinois. I don't know whether to call them the Fighting Illini or just the Illini anymore.
  11. Sigh, I sadly agree. The Illinois State flag is too cluttered and vacant for it's own good and worst yet has had 4 major renovations before settling on the current design. On subject. States 1. Maryland 2. California 3. South Carolina National 1. United Kingdom 2. Brazil 3. Hong Kong
  12. I'm mostly liking the new looks. The only thing that's irking me are the warped stripes on the jersey. Why can't they be on the undershirt?
  13. 1. Chicago Bears - Born during the middle of a Bears game, my JFL team, played home games at my old home Decatur & my first NFL game attended 2. Southern Illinois Salukis - My school team & very unique name 3. Chicago Bulls/Blackhawks/White Sox/Cubs & Fire - Supporting the Second City's teams 4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers & Oakland/ Los Angeles Raiders - I like pirates
  14. Strangely enough, it was the Cubs who came up with the whole powder blue thing. As for the jerseys I like them especially the Chicago script one. The Cubs script however just seems weird for me.
  15. Most of the uniforms on that list I find no fault with. As with the uniforms the writer refers to as rugby jerseys, I think they could work. Of course, they have to be tweaked with but in concept it could work.