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  1. Great logo Sy! Now for an update... Okay, the last meeting was cancelled due to weather-again. Then, get this, this past Monday, they had a town meeting because the school district put forth a plan to save money, which included closing Central High in about 10 years (there's 4 high schools in the district so there probably is room for one to bow out). People are really against the idea and are fighting it. But, nevertheless, they will still need a new logo and mascot. It's just that they might not go as far as painting the logo on the gym floor and on the wall and letterhead etc. if they are going to be closing. Hopefully, it won't happen. I am trying to get the next meeting date today so...Well, I will keep you guys informed.
  2. I like it! How bout a second with the torch as the focus and no rat.
  3. Sy I would make all letters on the word Shoprats look like the S with the outline. That would differentiate it from the word Central. Try a truer red and drop the gray. Central has rivals that are Red and Gray (the Northern Vikings). I would love to see the Stallions logo as well SY. I am still working on the presentation.
  4. Okay, it was a snow day, so the meeting is probably not on for tonight. I will be doing it soon though. Let's get some wordmarks with the logos zealot. Especially for the Shoprats. By the way, I have an edited version of the Rat logo with the body in white and the red more of a true red. Like the Red Wings I guess. It looks sweet.
  5. Guys, I am going to the school Wed. Jan 27! Some of the concepts are gone, can you repost them? Thanks. Sorry, I have been swamped. I'll explain more later, got to go!
  6. Fellas, it's been a long time. Well I am taking the stuff to the school Wednesday. I know that it sucks that it has to be that way, but I have been unbelievably busy. Wish me luck.
  7. Wow, I have let this go too long. I think, seeing as how I am not working today, I am gonna go print these out and send the booklets Monday. So, this afternoon is it. If I don't get around to it, I will do it Sunday. I like the elephant Mike. I think the wordmark across the middle of the leg area would be good. What do you think?
  8. Now we come as the War is over and we must crown our champion, the Warlord. What a great competition we had. Thanks to all our combatants. In our consolation game for third place: The 3rd seed, Heart of America Bowl takes down our 8th seed, the Salad Bowl 12-5 In our final, it was bloody and rough, and ended with one warrior standing over the carcass of his defeated opponent. The 2nd seeded Freedom Bowl falls to the Razor Bowl, our 5th seed. A moment of silence for our fallen warriors (this is the 2nd fall for the Salad Bowl, poor guy). So, Shiznit is crowned Warlord 1. Great job Shiz! That is a spectacular logo. And in case you didn't know, this is coming from your latest victom as I created the Freedom Bowl. I thought all along that you had a concept that probably wouldn't go down. Luckily, I didn't face you until the finals. Thanks to jpslapshot, who was kind enough to vote twice in the finals ! Each entry in the finals got a vote from JP. However I had to take his first vote only (I almost missed that you posted twice JP, pretty funny, though!). Any suggestions on the format or rules as far as what would make this contest better are appreciated. I probably won't have a Legendary War II for a few months or until some great idea pops up.
  9. The day is here. Many warriors have fallen, and we are left with 2. It is time for us to choose who is the ultimate warrior, Warlord I. This has been a great contest so far with many great matchups and it continues in our final. Here's how our finalists arrived here: The 2nd seeded Freedom Bowl defeated the 15th seeded Soup Bowl 12-1 in round one. In the 2nd round Freedom routed the 10th seeded Empire Bowl (2) 14-1. In the Fatal Four, Freedom edged the 3rd seeded Heart of America Bowl 6-5. The 5th seeded Razor Bowl defeated the 12th seeded Bread Bowl 12-1 in the opener. In the 2nd round Razor defeated it's toughest opponent, the 4th seeded Kudzu Bowl 8-7. In the Fatal Four, Razor beat the 8th seeded Salad Bowl like a red headed step child 10-1. So that brings us to this, our first Legendary War Final. Voting will end at 5 pm est Friday, January 9. Please vote, and tell your friends. Legendary War I Final 2 Freedom Bowl 5 Razor Bowl For Fun if you want vote for our Consolation Matchup. For 3rd Place 3 Heart of America Bowl 8 Salad Bowl
  10. The Final is set! In the Fatal Four we had one blowout and one tight battle. Here are the results: 5 the Razor Bowl over 8 the Salad Bowl 10-1 2 the Freedom Bowl over 3 the Heart of America Bowl 6-5 Let's take another moment of silence for our latest fatalities. There will be a new thread set up for the final. Please vote!!
  11. Great idea. I thought of that for each round, but thought Chris and others might not like it, but one round might be cool. I probably should have done it for this Fatal Four round too. 5 Razor Bowl 2 Freedom Bowl
  12. The Fatal Four 8 Salad Bowl 5 Razor Bowl 2 Freedom Bowl 3 Heart of America Bowl
  13. The second round was a great round of competition. 4 warriors are moving on and 4 must be laid to rest. This has to be one of the greatest rounds of any competition that this forum has ever seen. Of the 4 regional battles, 3 warriors escaped by only one vote. Here are the results: Midwest Region 8 the Salad Bowl over 1 the Gateway Bowl 8-7 The top seed falls! Southeast Region 5 the Razor Bowl over 4 the Kudzu Bowl 8-7 What a great Matchup this was! Northeast Region 2 the Freedom Bowl over 11 the Empire Bowl 14-1 in a rout. West Region 3 the Heart of America Bowl over the Moving Bowl 8-7 in another tight one. Let's take a moment of silence for our fallen warriors. It's down to this, the Fatal Four. We have remaining, the 2, 3,5 and 8 seeds. If each was seeded according to region it would be the the MW's #2, the SE's #2, the NE's #1 and the W's #1. Voting in the Fatal Four will end at 12 pm est on January 7. Good luck to the remaining warriors. Let the Fatal Four begin!
  14. Round 2 voting- it ends at 1:30 pm est on January 4, 2004 Midwest Region 1 Gateway Bowl 8 Salad Bowl Southeast Region 4 Kudzu Bowl 5 Razor Bowl Northeast Region 2 Freedom Bowl 10 Empire Bowl West Region 3 Heart of America Bowl 6 Moving Bowl