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  1. MLB COLOR RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dry heaves*
  2. The Lakers did try that approach one year with actually signing Gary Payton and Karl Malone. Then the Pistons wiped the floor with them.
  3. They had that logo well into the 1980's. Now it's on their current batting practice hats FWIW I was never a fan of the clean-shaven, somewhat young Sean Connery-esque Pirate
  4. But, then it wouldn't be Color Rush-y enough!
  5. I mean if the Suns are going to be sponsored by a crappy fruit-flavored beverage, there is only one way to go
  6. So Tampa has a 25th anniversary patch, with no reference to the black/silver they wore for so long nor the Stanley Cup they won? *shrugs*
  7. The Vikings are possible. I would think the Bears wear their all navy color rush on the Saturday Night game however.
  8. you guys ever find anything interesting at places like Marshall's or TJ Maxx? Those are the only things that sort of pass as a "resale story" where I am and trying to figure out whether its worth it to take a look.
  9. Just lose the black (or downplay it some) and bring back the gray/silver and you have a winner.
  10. No one criticizes Mr. Worldwide *pelvic thrust*
  11. Trust me, Rodgers doesn't need a "C" patch with stars to get beneficial calls. The "G" on his helmet helps him quite enough as is..... *mumbles about the play before the stupid hail mary*
  12. Being at "crotch level" of the knight makes me REALLY uncomfortable.
  13. also a slight dig at the outcome of the '87 ALCS.... Bastards
  14. Not to mention, Cleveland isnt a city with a really distinct skyline. So I'm not sure why you'd put it front and center (and sublimated!) on all of your jerseys?
  15. technically I think he played just as many seasons with the Wizards as the Wolves, so you could make the claim there as well.
  16. New Oilers road jersey is OK, but I consider any time a team goes from royal blue to navy blue a downgrade YMMV. Really liked their previous set better.
  17. Some Toledo Mud Hens.... (or atleast guys on rehab in Toledo..) Max Scherzer Justin Verlander V-Mart JD Martinez
  18. technically not the same (or right) team..... looks more like player in the wrong uniform now
  19. ^ Don't forget.. the least likable guy in the world on the most beloved team of all time...
  20. you really need to me to cite someone complaining about teams either using a templated look or recreating existing styles? ("O6" dress-up for instance)
  21. Counterpoint: We complain all the time when teams follow a template or do the same old look owith things like dark helmet, and breezers, etc. Then teams like Arizona, Nashville, and now Vegas buck that trend, and we complain they dont follow the template.
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