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  1. Most NHL players don't wear the same set of gloves all season, most wear multiple sets, so I wouldn't worry about them getting 40 games of use like they do in the NCAA.
  2. A personal favorite of mine. From the 1970 Divisional Playoff. Being it's the Lions, I don't need to tell you the outcome... However the final score of 5-0 is probably one of the weirdest of all time.
  3. now just wait until they resign Patrick Sharp.
  4. seriously, the Jets and Eagles play once every four years (not counting preseason). They can have a similar look.
  5. Seriously, unless it was the logo for like a taxi company owned by Teutonic Knights. Otherwise it really kind of sucks.
  6. As an aside, I don't think you're ever going to eliminate concussions in the NFL with equipment. Unless of course you go through the effort to create some kind of airbag inside a person's head to keep the person's brain from smashing into the side of their skull, which as you can imagine would come with it's own host of problems (good luck being the first guy to test that). It's always going to be about lessening them to some sort of acceptable degree through the use of equipment improvements. I think this new helmet might be a step towards that. Other than that, you're going to have to wait until the robots start playing football. [insert Peyton Manning joke here]
  7. oh please let his response contain the term "War on Football"
  8. ah man, that California Angels set was such a good look. Really wish they'd modernize that somehow into the current set. The all-out "red assault" just never really fit IMO. Not sure why Moreno thought there was some great danger of brand confusion with the Dodgers. If anything him foisting the "Los Angeles of Anaheim" designation on them did more damage than that.
  9. yeah I like that a lot better than the one the Wolves rolled out for themselves.
  10. they still need to lose the navy "frown" on the front collar and above the name on the back
  11. Preds, just need to get rid of the apron strings and fix the shoulders and those jerseys are fine. Hopefully that's all Adidas it tweaking
  12. ah yes, the MD state flag aka Teutonic Knight Taxi Co.
  13. I was only going to say you need to update the helmet numbers as well *ducks*
  14. Unpopular opinion but I hate that logo. I've always hated that logo. I have nothing against the team per se, and their uni's are usually solid, but that logo is just outdated and bad. I know "Trail Blazers" is sort of a generic term, but you have so much you can do with the imagery from that city and region and yet they remain beholden to what looks like a 1970's generic diet soda logo. To merely continuously update it by "polishing the terd" is disappointing.
  15. I'm really "meh" on the Edmonton orange jerseys. They're OK if you just take the numbers off the shoulders and put them on the sleeves. However I always just see them as a royal blue team with orange trim. Not vice versa. Why throwback to the era BEFORE you were the most dominant team in the sport? The Ducks should be the orange team in the Pacific, and promote their thirds to full time home status with a matching road. Stop futzing around with the black look.
  16. I never noticed it until I sat down to actually try and sketch it. In my sketches I always assumed it was symmetrical, but then it always looked off. It wasn't until I blew it up, and then verified by looking at an actual helmet up close that I confirmed the damn thing was completely uneven. The damn logo has an underbite!!
  17. Minorleagues.com always has a nice selection of the low profile MLB fitted caps.
  18. You may have a point there. Def not as bad as I thought although I feel like the silver on the new helmets isnt as dark as it was in the Barry era..
  19. It's been around for a few years. It's the only one I like to wear, otherwise I feel like I have a pillbox on my head. Rick Porcello wore that low profile Tigers hat for basically his whole career in Detroit. Max Scherzer was another one who wore it.
  20. I feel like just a white outline on the logo would blend in with the silver helmet.
  21. Will the Browns be the only fly wire collar still left? I think so, right?
  22. FWIW I associate Walton with the championship team look of the Blazers especially this one with the vertical name... The framed one he's holding reminds me more of the Clyde Drexler/TerryPorter 1980's era Blazers.
  23. It really was a bigger thing back in the 80's/early 90's when you had to "win your division" in the playoffs before playing the other playoff division winner in your conference for the right to play the team that won the other conference in the Finals. In those days the ECF was always a guaranteed Patrick vs Adams matchup, with the WCF always being Norris vs. Smythe. During those matchups the teams would always be referred to as the "winners" of their particular division even if they didnt win it in the regular season. At one point the Islanders had a "1993 Patrick Division Playoff Champion" banner after they took out Washington and Pittsburgh that year, even though Pittsburgh won the division going away in the regular season. I don't know if they still do. I believe that was the final year of that playoff format.
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