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  1. and yet somehow they have as many championships as both the Knicks and Mets combined. at least this was just a third, and they never adopted black into their regular color scheme like those other two.
  2. Really hope the colors arent that washed out in the actual logo. The team has a great namesake and unique identity, and should have some vibrant colors to go along with it.
  3. Was this meeting held inside of a shipping container? Must be really top secret.
  4. Here's a serious question, which one is WRONG for Marino? None?
  5. I'd bet money that the Bengals insist on being the Avalanche of the NFL and hold onto their terrible template just because.
  6. The Devils bright red and green is wholly more interesting than the shades used by the Wild, which is almost more brick and hunter green. This isnt exactly apples to apples. Compare:
  7. dammit now I see it. Was looking on my phone before.
  8. Am I the only who sees the "Lions" wordmark on what look to be a gray/color rush alt and none of the others? People are acting as if they just pulled a "Browns" on the pants here. Hard to tell really all that much, although I was hoping for a return to the blue facemasks. I wouldnt hate chrome if thats what it is. Detroit is actually the one city where having it's football team run around with a chrome grill makes actual sense.
  9. Asshattery aside, you could probably start a whole separate thread about well known players in bad throwback/third jerseys.
  10. they moved to Cincinnati in 1957, that was my point in saying they relocated prior to 1960.
  11. Alright I'm throwing the flag on including 3rd jerseys or one off throwbacks in this thread. You'd just get out of hand with those as every player under the sun has worn one at one time or another. It's much more interesting (and probably the intent of the OP) to post guys wearing a team's regular uniform at that time that isnt the look you associate him with for that team.
  12. only other "modern times" comparable to the Raiders might be the Buffalo Braves/San Diego/LA Clippers. The Sacramento Kings franchise has a history in FOUR cities (Rochester/CIncinnati/KC/Sacto) but two of those moves were prior to 1960.
  13. although it is somewhat odd having nautical/pirate imagery for a team that's going to be based in the middle of the desert. (awaits Treasure Island jokes....)
  14. Please be paying attention to this fiasco, Martha Ford.
  15. Whatever happened to the old "leave the identity in the city" rule the NFL foisted on the Browns move to Baltimore? I know the Oilers rebranded after a few years because of it. (Obviously the Rams were a different story with already having come form LA)
  16. If I'm giving you $750 million to move to my city, you damn well better incorporate something related to the city in your logo, branding, or uniforms.
  17. He played 6 seasons with the Reds. He appeared in all of 31 games with the Yankees and just 28 with the Cubs. This is recency bias at its worst.
  18. Looks like it is a "thing" https://www.sotaclothing.com/
  19. as an Islander fan I just try to block all memories of the mid to late 90's....
  20. That matchup actually happened a couple times. The one in this video is from a game in Colorado
  21. man I had totally forgotten the last Lions logo update was leaked on a matchbox truck LOL good times.
  22. except their name isn't derived from THAT Devil.
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