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  1. one might argue that the team themselves is Miller branded, so anything at Miller Park is technically team specific but YMMV.
  2. I dont hate it. That's all I'll say.,
  3. Their jerseys are fine, it's their logos that I think have always sucked hard, with possibly the exception of the cannon roundel.
  4. Really like those uniforms, and they always make me wish the NHL had a kelly green/white team. *cough* Seattle *cough*
  5. My hope is that the Lightning, especially if they don't win a Cup this year, get rid of the whole "Maple Wings" look now that Stevie Y is gone, and go back to something closer to their traditional look incorporating the black and blue together in a decent way and not the extremes of their current home, road,and thirds.
  6. If you want to see Blue & Maize you'd have to watch Michigan, because those aren't the Rams colors in any set they've ever worn
  7. Having a logo in one and a helmet in the other would be odd (thankfully the Browns have never made a Super Bowl to set a precedent for this.) You'd hope for consistency's sake they'd do helmets in each.
  8. Have the Saints actually work black over gold at all this season? (or really gold pants for any game this year?)
  9. Fairly recent? The Gretzky trade was 30 years ago.
  10. I mean the Steelers have blue and red in their logo and nowhere else, and that's far more prominent than the black outline the Chiefs have.
  11. Man, the NFC Championship is going to be a mess. Chiefs should go mono-red just to nuke the entire weekend lol
  12. That Rams uniform and helmet isn't even in their current set, right?
  13. you could really salvage Sunday if the Saints would just wear their damn gold pants.
  14. Would much rather see the Chargers in their monochrome color rush look than the drab navy set.
  15. An NBA team that has to lug around two sets of helmets on road trips. Hope the equipment managers are getting a nice Christmas bonus.
  16. you should likely just assume the Lions in gray pants on the road. They've only worn the blue pants once this season away
  17. I'm still all in on the Sea Lions. Mostly due to my love of alliteration and my NFL allegiance.
  18. they're red and silver/gray
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